Diagnosing Picklist Not Releasing Issues

Modified on Fri, 26 Aug, 2022 at 3:08 PM

This document details the various prerequisites to be satisfied for the successful release of picklists in WMS. Following are the primary considerations when releasing new picklists

1. Orders Not Synced To WMS

In case orders have not synced from OMS to WMS, no picklists would be released for items contained in such un-synced orders. In general, the following order parameters should be checked to diagnose order sync issues

  1. onHold Flag: If the “On-Hold” parameter of an order is true, the order will not be synced between OMS and WMS

  2. isModified Flag: Each order in OMS has an “isModified” flag associated with it. If this flag is set as false for an order, such an order will not be synced to WMS

  3. startProcessingTime Value: If the startProcessingTime field of an order is in the future, it will not be synced to WMS until the startProcessingTime is reached or exceeded

Summary: Orders with onHold = true or isModified = false or startProcessingTime greater than the current time are not synced to WMS (from OMS). Thus, Picklist is not released for them.

2. Wave Size and Active Pick List Count

The count of new Picklists released is the difference between the configured Wave-Size of the DEFAULT or EXPRESS Wave and the count of currently active Picklists. 

For instance, if the default Wave-Configuration (WaveType = DEFAULT) has WaveSize = 10 and 08 Piece-Pick Type Wavelists are currently active (status is either NEW or ALLOCATED), only 02 new Piece-Pick Type Picklists will be released. If 10 out of the 10 picklists are active, no new Picklists will be released

  • Query to check the configured wave sizes for a specific warehouse:
    >>> select type, wave_size, frequency from wms.wms_wave_config where warehouse_id = {{enter_wh_id}};

  • Query to check Active picklists present within a warehouse
    >> select count(*) from wms_pick_list pl join wms_bin bn on pl.bin_id = bn.bin_id where bn.warehouse_id = {{enter_wh_id}} and pl.status in ("NEW", "ALLOCATED");

Summary: The count of active Picklists must be less than configured Wave-Size for new Picklists to be released

3. Items of canceled order in Pack Box

If cancellation is received for an order after one or more items have been moved to a Pack Box for that same order, these items must be manually removed from the Pack Box. As long as these “excess” items are not removed from the Pack Box, the order will not sync to WMS and a replacement Pick List will not be released for the same.

If more than 100 orders are stuck in such a manner, it is possible that newer orders won’t be synced either. This will prevent Picklists from being released for such orders

Summary: If the sync of more than 100 canceled orders is stuck (due to canceled items being in Pack-Boxes), newer orders might not be synced

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