Sl.Old QC ReasonsFinal QC ReasonsReason categoryDescription
1PRODUCT_MISMATCHPRODUCT_MISMATCHProduct MismatchThe barcode scanned and physical product is different but belongs to the same client.
2OTHER_BRANDOTHER_BRANDOther BrandThe product received belongs to any other brand apart from the client brand. 
This does not include bricks/stones/ bottles etc returned in place of product, they will be marked as a product missing
3SHADE_VARIATIONCOLOUR_MISMATCHInformation mismatchThe color on the system does not match the product.
4MRP_MISMATCHMRP_MISMATCHInformation mismatchMRP on the system does not match with the products tag
5SIZE_MISMATCHSIZE_MISMATCHInformation mismatchSize on the system does not match with the product
6PART_MISSINGPART_MISSINGIncomplete productThe product is of n units but physically the product has lesser units in it.
7WRONG_PAIRPAIR_MISMATCHIncomplete productthe left leg shoe size does not match with the right. 
OR two different shoes combined to make a pair the top and bottom of the tracksuit do not match
8WARRANTY_CARD_MISSINGWARRANTY_CARD_MISSINGIncomplete productWarranty-card in case of watches etc is not available with the product
9PRODUCT_MISSINGPRODUCT_MISSINGMissing ProductMissing Item During return order item processing.
10TAG_MISSINGTAG_MISSINGIncomplete productAll aspects of the product are good except the missing tag
11SLIGHTLY_USEDFOOTWEAR_SOLE_SLIGHTLY_DIRTYDamageThe footwear has been just tried once to check the fitting. 
SPF cannot be raised for this and it only needs to be wiped with a cloth once in terms of refurbishment. 
It would help the client warehouse team to refurbish them at a lower cost instead of liquidating
12WAREHOUSE_DAMAGEWAREHOUSE_DAMAGEDamageThe product had been damaged in the inventory, due to rodent bites or exposure to rain or sunlight, etc
13LOGO_MISSINGLOGO_ISSUEDamageThis includes if the logo is not there or there is an issue with the print/alignment of the logo.
14BOX_DAMAGEPACKAGING_DAMAGEDamageThe product poly-bag / box is damaged. Basic packaging damage.
15BROKEN_STITCHBROKEN_STITCH_DAMAGEDamageProduct has a broken stitch or open bond
16STAINEDSTAIN_DAMAGEDamagestained with oil/grease or any other substance
17DAMAGEDOTHER_DAMAGEDamageProduct has a broken button or is torn, aglet is missing/damaged
18FABRIC_DEFECTFABRIC_DEFECT_DAMAGEDamageMaterial of the product seems defective, or the product seemed to have bleached, etc
19UNEVEN_LENGTHUNEVEN_SLEEVE/INSEAM_LENGTHDamagetwo sleeves or inseam of apparel have different length
20USED_PRODUCTUSED_PRODUCTDamageThe product has been used and has wrinkles, foul smell or perfume smell
21TAG_BOX_MISMATCH--A clear explanation is not available with the tech or Ops team
22STICKER_MISMATCH--A clear explanation is not available with the tech or Ops team