WMS Errors

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"Order modified: Items added in pack box is greater than quantity to be fulfilled now for SKU : 1133521149 Remove 1 items from box before"

  • Open WMS- Remove Items from OutwardBox and search with Internal Order ID: "12345"
  • System will prompt the user to remove the SKU.

Eg: "Order modified: Items added in pack box is greater than quantity to be fulfilled now for SKU : xxx. Remove 1 items from box before"

  • Scan the item IDs of the given Global SKU IDs in the error message. (get the itemCode to be removed from WMS - Order Manager Screen > Item IDs Associated. User can find ItemCode and Global SKU ID).
  • Click on Sync Order.

"Error from Channel : Manifests data is invalid" while closing manifest

This happens for Paytm orders. These orders will be in Download Packing Slip on the seller panel. When you download the packing slip, the order will move to Request Pickup

After this, the user will be able to close the manifest.

"Insufficient inventory to remove, already allocated to some order" on Bin Offline or Cycle Count screen


This error comes because the bin contains items which are not in COMMON pool but in some RESERVED pool. In order to perform Bin Offline or Cycle count , the items in the bin should be in COMMON pool. Please move the items to COMMON pool first before doing Bin Offline or Cycle Count.

"Order is in <order status> status, Required status : <order status>" on packing screen


This error is being >encountered when the system gets unexpected order status from the channel. Due to some manual interventions orders status gets changed and this leads to block the process flow in the system. Whenever the user gets a similar error, check the order status on the panel and confirm whether it is in expected status (expected channel status varies channel to channel). 

"Status change from DISPATCHED to DISPATCHED for shipment <shipment id> is not allowed" on Bulk Handover screen while handover


System has been designed in such a way that, user can not do handover again if the handover is already done. The error shows the same. When ever the user gets this message on the Bulk Handover screen, it means the order has already processed through this screen.

Suppose if you could not get the document printed, there is an option to get the handover document printed later on from Outward - Search Handover screen.

"ChannelSerialNo./ChannelSKU Not Found" in Order Entry - Return Order Upload screen


You may face this error while uploading return order file. While setting the return order template file, make sure you populate channel_sku_id against the header product id (Not EAN/Client SKU id). You could refer jasper reports, CIMS | Listings for Channel SKU id against an SKU.

"internal error" on GRN screen while scanning barcode


Assure got designed in a way that, GRN can be done only those SKU which are there in the PO. The user faces this issue when he tries to GRN an SKU which is not there in the PO. 

Whenever this erro is encountered, do the following checks: 

Get the corresponding Global SKU id for the EAN code that you were trying to scan. Then go to OMS > Search Orders > Enter Channel Order id/Increff Order Id and search > Click on Order id > Click on Order line items > Find the Global SKU id (by Ctrl+f and paste Global SKU id)

"Some shipments not of client" while closing the manifest on manifest screen


While creating the Manifest, we have to make sure we have selected the CLIENT correctly. We should attach those AWB that belongs to the channel for which we created the manifest. 

In case if the user has created a manifest and attached AWB that does not belong to the channel, then remove those AWB using REMOVE button and create a new manifest id for removed ones.

"Processing/Allocated quantity is not sufficient for SKU :<Global SKU id>" on create bulk invoice screen


Rarely, due to some technical reasons assure demands to de-allocate items from the order to satisfy system logic. This error shows asks user to de-allocate item from the order. We have designed a screen to de-allocated items from the order, Sundry - Deallocate Packed Quantity screen. 

WMS > click on Sundry - Deallocate Packed Quantity > Enter the Order id > Click on Sync Order > Check the message that shows up on the screen > get the global SKU id from the message and figure out from which box items to be removed > get the required number of items from the box and scan those item ids on the screen.

"AWB not found" OR “Cannot find AWB” error on Manifests screen


Please do the following checks when you get this error : 

Check whether scanned AWB no is correct or not. If correct, process that order through the packing screen again and retry manifest.

Confirm you have selected correct transporter while creating the Manifest.


If you still continue to face the issue, contact Helpdesk.

"Close the manifest with the External Manifest: <manifest id> or add these Orders that belongs to this manifest : <order id>" while closing manifest on Manifest screen


The user might face this issue while doing manifest for Snapdeal Orders. Snapdeal allocates some orders to open external manifest from channel end. Hence channel restricts to close the manifest with the same set of orders that got clustered in the external manifest id. 


To overcome this, User could either close the external manifest id which is shown in the error from the panel else attach the shown Order id(displayed at the right end of the error) in the manifest and get it closed.

"All orders must be in same state, orders in incorrect state:<order id>" on manifest screen


While manifest all attached orders should have same status (expected status). If any order moves to unexpected status while manifest, it throws this error. As a go forward, remove those orders which are mentioned in the error and close the manifest. Please write to assure support attaching those order ids in the error.

"Cannot Handover Order <channel order id> as it is not packed" on handover screen


While handover all attached orders should have same status (expected status: PACKED from channel). If any order moves to unexpected status while handover, it throws this error. As a go forward, remove those orders which are mentioned in the error and do the handover. Please contact assure support for further assistance.  

"Error from Flipkart: Could not pack order item as dispatch after date is greater than current time" on piece packing screen


This is an error often comes for Flipkart orders. From the channel they define an attribute, Dispatch after date for each order which is intended to make restriction on order processing. Orders can only processed after this time. So keep those orders aside and continue processing rest orders. The order can be packed when the current date crosses the dispatch after date.

"AWB Number not created for Order Id : <order id>" on piece packing screen


While piece packing, Assure requests the channel for a shipment details. Error occurs here, most likely cause of this error is that channel has not yet assigned a courier partner for the order or the shipment label generation is still under process. 


This happens due to technical/process delays from the channel end. Either user could retry after some time (Usually it gets resolved after sometime in most of the cases) else raise the concern to helpdesk, assure.support@nextscm.com.

"This is a return order, not yet approved from channel" on Piece Packing screen


This happens for the replacement order. Channel keeps a replacement order on hold till an expected status. Rarely, assure release pick list for on hold orders. Once item picked and comes to packing stage, Assure checks the order status on the channel. If the order is in on hold status it will throw this error and restrict to process further. In such cases, you may keep those items aside and continue with rest of the orders. Those on hold orders can be processed once its approved from the channel.

"No line present in order <channel order id> for subOrderId : <suborder id>" on Piece Packing screen


This happens when a mismatch in line items of order in assure vs channel due to manual interventions from the panel. While packing, Assure checks the line items in the channel. Once it found the mismatch, the system will throw this error. In such cases, the client has to manually cancel that order and create a new order. 

Note: manual interventions from the panel are not entertained.

"Item unavailable to remove from the current bin" on Sundry-Remove Item screen

Assure throws this error when a user tries to remove an item which is already allocated for an order. In such cases, system will restrict to make the bin offline or to remove item. Either you can get the order id from Recycle desk by scanning the item id and get it processed or reach out helpdesk for further assistance.

“Invalid shipment status” on Outward Handover screen


Order can be done only ones in the life cycle of any order. If a user tries to handover an order more than one time system will throw this error. Make sure all AWB under a Manifest ID has not dispatched. If any one of them got dispatched already, user should uncheck that AWB no. from the list which got dispatched already do the handover for rest of the orders.

”Invalid bin status change, OPEN to OPEN not allowed” on GRN screen


Assure throws this error when a user tries to open a bin which already opened. When you get this error, you proceed to next step of the process since the bin is already opened.

"INVALID Order state: <order status> Order : <order no>" while closing manifest


This happens when mentioned(in the error) order under gone partial cancellation.As a go forward, user can remove that order which is showing in the error and continue closing the Manifest.


Note: Share the Order Id that you have removed. Team will investigate on that Order.

"unknown response from amazon sf" on Piece packing screen for Amazon channel


This happens when the assure gets an unexpected response from Amazon channel. Whenever user faces this issue, feel free to get the assistance from the assure support team.

" Error from channel : ReleaseIds: [4027003428] are cancelled in platform" on piece packing screen


While packing an item, assure checks order status on the channel. If the user gets this error while packing, it means the order got canceled from the channel. Since the Order got canceled, the user can keep that order aside and continue with processing rest of the orders.

"Error from channel : Order release with id 4026593609 does not have courier or tracking number assigned"


This happens due to some technical delays from the channel end. The courier partner is not assigned from the channel end. In most of the cases it gets resolved without any interventions. Retry processing the order after some time. Feel free to raise the concern if it goes critical.

"Order :<order id> is Unfulfillable" on Piece Packing Screen


This error comes while packing one of the item in a Combo order, but the other item is unfulfillable. This order cannot be processed as the PARTIAL fulfillment is not allowed for this client.

"Error from channel: Some Orders are already manifested., [null,"46197560"]"


Please do following checks,

First login to the Seller Panel.  

Find out the orders which are manifested using the channel manifest id : 46197560. 

Please remove those orders in the current manifest list.

Try manifesting for the rest of the orders.      

"Invalid order state : PICKED order id : <order id>"

This happens because one of the item for the order is Cancelled. Please change the item which is in PICKED status to INVOICED status. Please process the item and change it to INVOICED.

"Excess GRN is not allowed for Global SKU Id : 1100228277 for quantity:14, Expected quantity13" on Inward - GRN screen


The inward PO contains the SKU and the corresponding quantities to be inwarded. If the Excess GRN is enabled, the client can inward more quantity for the SKU than mentioned in the PO. In this particular case, Excess GRN is disabled for the client but the operation team is trying to inward the items more than the quantity mentioned in the Inward PO. 

Please verify the corresponding PO and SKU and confirm the quantity mentioned. And also find  out the items which are already inwarded.

"Invalid item status change, NEW to LIVE not allowed" on Inward- Put Away screen


This error comes on Inward- Put Away screen when the warehouse person is trying to Putaway the bin at a location. Ideally, the bin should contain items which are in GRN state. This error comes because one or many of the items are in NEW state instead of GRN state. Once the tech team changes those items to NEW state, the putaway can be done for the bin. Please contact the Support team to do the needful.

"Error in closing shipment: Could not create shipment on Tatacliq, Error in closing shipment Internal Server Error 500"

This error comes on Piece-packing screen. This error happens for Tatacliq channel

"Insufficient inventory to remove, already allocated to some order" while Bin consolidation.


As per the new Bin flow Bin consolidation can be done without making the Bin offline. This error comes when the user tries to move items from LIVE bin to OFFLINE bin where some SKU are already allocated for some Orders.

Error: "No shipment exists for awb: xxx and transporter: xxx" while scanning AWB number in manifest screen.


The error shows that the scanned AWB is not mapped with the transporter linked with the manifest Id created. So user has to check verify the transporter fo the manifest created.

Error: "These Orders are cancelled. please remove them :xxx" while closing the manifest    

Error message means, mentioned Order in the error message is in cancelled status. User has to remove those shipments from the manifest and check the order status on Seller panel and confirm the cancellation and recycle the item.

Error: "Unable to complete ReturnOrder: xxx since some of the items in return order expectation are not yet processed" while closing the return order completion

A return Order can be marked completed only if all its line items are processed or no pending items should be there. If a user gets this error, check the whether all line items are processed o rnot. If there is there any item pending, then those items have to be processed, else if the left item is not found, mark those items as MISSING' using missing button as shown in the screenshot.

Error: "Error From Channel: manifest cannot be created for order Id: xxx, status: xxx" while closing the Manifest.

While closing the manifest, system checked the status of the Order on the Seller panel. If any order is processed offline (not via WMS) and dispatched or cancelled on the seller panel user will face such error while manifestation.

For such an error, the user has to remove the Order id from the manifest mentioned in the error message.

Error: "No shipment found for orderId:[xxx], externalInvoiceId: [xxx]"

This error occurs when the order is in Dispatched status. That is the reason you are not able to Handover the order. 

Error in closing shipment: Error creating order from rms, error message: Error From Channel: Error while creating order on Shiprocket, errors: [The billing phone must be 10 digits.][The shipping phone must be 10 digits.]

This error occurs when the phone number entered has a space in between the digits or if it is not in a valid format. We get this error from Shiprocket. 

Remove the space if it is present or enter the phone number in a valid format and proceed further.

Item is not associated with any order !!

This error occurs when the user is scanning an item ID which is not yet picked or already dispatched from the warehouse.

Error in closing shipment: Error From Channel : Error in creating invoice pdf from rms, error message: Error From Channel: Error from Clear Tax Attempting IRN generation for seller <XXX (seller)> from GSTIN <xxx (header GSTIN)>. Please ensure that both the GSTINs in header and seller are same to generate IRN. Change the seller GSTIN to <header GSTIN> to generate for that GSTIN.,

The GSTIN of the seller got updated in Assure. That is why the error is coming. The cleartax credentials are on GSTIN level on cleartax (for each gstin there are separate credentials). So either they revert it to the older gstin or we would have to configure the newer cleartax credentials.

The seller has to update the GSTIN

Error in handing over the following Shipments: ["DTrxnl3Sc"]. Please remove these shipments and try again

If an order was handed over to Amazon ops poc along with other manifested orders without marking the handover in our system we get this error. Hence as per amazon LP, the order is picked up and the status is marked as Shipped on the seller panel. Mark this orders as completed by using Manual Order Completion

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