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At Return Gate Entry, why are packages are not distinguished based on marketplace and transporter?


At this stage, the system does not know which AWB are received from which marketplace or transporter. Hence, they are not distinguished.

How to enable re-printing of Bin ID sticker?


There is no option to reprint bin ID. You can do bin consolidation in WMS-Bin Consolidation screen.

You can do the consolidation without scanning the items by turning the toggle off Skip Item Scan. The Source bin id and Destination bin id need to be scanned for this. The items will be transferred from one bin to another. 

If return orders are not found, why are they allowed at Return Gate Entry?


Return Gate Entry is done only to confirm that the packages are received. AWBs are not subjected to any test at this stage.

‘No Return Order found’ error while processing return order


This error is being thrown when the system couldn't find the return order details while scanning the return AWB which will be there on the packet. Usually, return order details either get pushed through APIs or manually uploaded via CIMS.

  • Gate entry should be done for the scanning return AWB.
  • Please make sure whether the return order details are present in the system or not. The user may refer to a report, Returns : Gate entry Report - OMS by filtering using tracking id. 

If the AWB is not present, either user has to upload the return data via CIMS (CIMS > Return Order upload > Select the Client-Channel-location > Download the template file and upload it after populating the data as per the template) 

  • Else please raise the ticket to 'Omni Support Portal'. to escalate to the respective marketplace to push the return order to our system through APIs.


Recently we have added more search parameters to search for the return order details by scanning Item Id, etc

What should be done to amazon return packages which throw ‘Order is Complete’ error?


This error occurs as Amazon returns are scanned at the SKU level. Please raise the same to WAAS Team at waas.support@increff.com (or) Omni Support Team at 'Omni Support Portal'. 

What should be done to self-ship returns from customers with no SKU?


Ajio returns can be scanned in AJIO JIT using AWB alone. For other marketplace returns, please raise it to WAAS Team at waas.support@increff.com (or) Omni Support Team at 'Omni Support Portal'.

What should be done to returns received from customers through Courier?


Parcels received through Courier will not have AWB. Please raise it to WAAS Team at waas.support@increff.com (or) Omni Support Team at 'Omni Support Portal'.

What is to be done if the AWBs are covered (i.e. with other stickers)?


Please raise them to respective transporters with references.

Do all returns from AJIO needs to be scanned in AJIO JIT?


All AJIO returns need not be scanned in AJIO JIT. Only those which are not found in Omni and Self-Shipped returns are to be scanned in AJIO JIT.

What must be done if the AJIO Return Orders, already scanned in AJIO JIT, throws an error in Omni?


Please raise it to WAAS Team at waas.support@increff.com (or) Omni Support Team at 'Omni Support Portal'.

What must be done if the product does not have any SKU Id and/or item Id and is received in a different box and/or a different product and/or duplicate product?


Please process it by marking QC Fail and marking it as ‘Product Mismatch’

What should be done if the image of an SKU not showing for QC?


Basic checks:

  • Check whether the image URL is uploaded in the product master or not ( OMS > Missing images > select the client > Click on 'Download CSV'). This will give you the complete list of SKUs whose images are not yet updated.

If the URL is not updated, user can  update the URL using 'Products' screen in OMS (OMS > Products > Update > Select the client > Download and upload the populated CSV file). In the 'ImageURL' column, the image URL can be populated rest of the columns can be left blank. The link should not point to a site instead the URL should point to the image directly.

  • URL should be public, private URLs won't be able to access from the system. Suggested clouds are Google, Tinypic, Imgur, Dropbox, etc.
  • The uploaded cloud domain should be whitelisted in the firewall.

What must be done if a new return order is scanned and it shows ‘Return is Complete’ and the product is mismatched too?


Please raise the same to WAAS Team at waas.support@increff.com (or) Omni Support Team at 'Omni Support Portal'.

When every item in a bin is cleared, Why is the bin not made Offline automatically?

Many of our clients are using this as a feature. Alternatively, It is suggested to make the bin offline once the last item is picked. 

Why Order is in UNFULFILLABLE status in WMS?

Allocated qty might be the last item and it might have got marked as LOST. Since there is no more item to allocate for the Order, WMS marks the Order as UNFULFILLABLE. 

Do the following checks to make the order fulfillable. 

•    Check any Item kept in RECYCLE status. Make those items LIVE.

•    Check whether inventory is available in some other inventory pool. If yes, move inventory to the required pool. After some time Order will be allocated.

•    Get new stock for required SKU and do GRN.

Why is only one line item present in the 'return processing screen' while processing combo order items having the same SKU ids?

If marketplace return is not integrated, we have to process returns through CIMS. We have to upload all return orders via CIMS. Expected return file template format, a separate line for each return item with its attributes. In the case of combo Orders with one SKU and the same return order id, rows need to be duplicated according to the return item quantity.

Why do the same GRN numbers appear for different dates in the inward report?

We are not repeating the GRN number.  Each GRN number corresponds to each gate entry. If you are using the same gate entry again for inwarding, then the same GRN appears.

WMS > Returns - Search Return Orders

Using return_shipment_id, Paste return_shipment_id in Channel Return ID and Search > Click on ‘Update AWB  Packet’ > Enter AWB and Transporter.

Why can't I find the order id in WMS but it is visible in OMS?


As you know, there are 2 types of orders in Omni :

Piece Order - Currently only fulfillment type BLOCK_COMPLETE is supported for piece orders. These are typically orders which are captured from marketplaces. If sufficient inventory is not available in the sales channel pool for one of the SKUs in order, the order will get marked as UNFULFILLABLE and will not get released to WMS. Such orders will only get released to WMS once sufficient inventory is available and the order is not canceled on the marketplace. In such a condition, the order can go into an UNFULFILLABLE state.

Bulk Order - There are 2 fulfillment types for every order: a) BLOCK_COMPLETE, b) PARTIAL. Inventory is allocated to BULK orders on manually triggering the retry action. Depending on the fulfillment type, the order will be sent to WMS for processing. If it is BLOCK_COMPLETE, the order will not be pushed to WMS until inventory is available for every SKU and Quantity specified in the order. In case the fulfillment type is specified as PARTIAL, It will get released to WMS even if there is inventory available for 1 SKU and 1 Quantity of that SKU.                                                                         

What is the process for Return to Vendor (RTV)

Check the below document for the detailed SOP on RTV

RTV SOP - Purchase Return 

WMS Bulk Invoicing

ErrorOrder modified items added in pack box is greater than quantity to be fulfilled now for SKU: 1100428010 Remove 2 items from the box before.

As the error message shows, the Order is modified. Items added in the pack box are greater than the quantity to be fulfilled.
To clear this error please follow the following steps.

  1. Open WMS- Remove Items from Outward Box and search with Order ID: Increff Order ID
  2. You can see the total expected quantity for Global SKU IDs.
  3. Scan the item IDs of the given Global SKU IDs until Quantity in Packing State=Total Quantity Expected.
  4. Click on Sync Order.
To know the Item IDs for a Global SKU ID
  1. Open WMS-Order Manager and search with Channel Order ID.
  2. Click on the Order ID.
  3. Click on Item IDs Associated.
  4. In this screen, you can find all the item IDs associated with the Global SKU ID.

ErrorPartial fulfillment not supported for sub-order [xxx]

The error occurs when all the box ids are not invoiced at the same time for a block complete order.

  1. Open Outwards : Outwards at Box ID Level - WMS and filter for the respective warehouse and order id.
  2. Find the Box ids where the 'Box Status' is open and close them in Bulk packing screen.

Error: Error in closing shipment: Error From Channel : Error in creating invoice pdf from rms, error message: Error From Channel: Error from Clear Tax NIC servers are running slow. We will retry again after sometime.,

This error occurs due to server issues at Clear tax. Retry generating the invoice after sometime. However, if the issue still persists, raise the ticket to 'Omni Support Portal' for further escalation.

Where to find Gift Wrap required and Gift Message Information for B2C orders in WMS?

We receive Gift wrap related information from some marketplaces like Amazon which also includes custom gift message which gets printed in the Invoice itself which is received from marketplace. This information can be found in below mentioned WMS screens.

  • In Item Sorting Screen - During Sorting of items after Piece Picking when Item ID is scanned , it will show information if Gift Wrap is required on the order or not.

  • In Piece Packing Screen -  During Piece Packing process when Item ID is scanned, it will show information of Gift wrap required and Gift Message printed with that order.

  • In Outwards : Order Status Report Detail - OMS jasper report we can find Gift attribute value for any order. If it is Yes, Gift wrap is required else it is not required.

Internal Error in OMS

If client tries to manifest the same AWB no. with the duplicate order(which is already manifested), then this kind of error comes while trying to manifest . And cancel that duplicate order, then issue will be resolved

If the shipping label/Invoice dimension is different from standard one?

There might be some error in the printer settings, please check and do the needful

Unable to login // 403 Forbidden error

The reason for this error is that the Dynamic IP address are not be white listed.

Can We delete the Inward PO?

Inward PO cannot be deleted, User can complete the PO after closing the Open Gate Entries.

How does order allocation work in OMS for an order of Multi Shipment Partial?

Allocation happens on basis of Required by time, if 2 orders have same SKU then allocation happens on Required by Time.

How to Close a gate entry if the items are in NEW status?

If any gate entry has the items in new status the system will not allow to close the gate entry, whatever the items printed during the GRN has to be QCed and put away into the bins. If you are getting any error in gate entry as new items are present then refer to "Storage : GRN at Item Level Report - WMS" this report in Jasper and select new status After the report is loaded filter in Gate Entry column with the Gate Entry you want to close. If the items are physically not present mark the items permanently lost using Mark Permanently Lost Items screen in WMS.

 B2B order SKU line items limit during the Bulk Packing Process?

If order line items exceed the limit then there will be some delay in the WMS system in the Bulk packing and Bulk invoicing process

  • No of SKUs in per B2B Shipment - at max1000
  • No of Items in per B2B Shipment- 20000- 30000 Items

Can we GRN a Virtual SKU?

No, we cannot GRN a Virtual SKU

Will ICM GRN files has POs which are GRNed only?


Can pigeonhole location be removed from the system?

The pigeonhole location can't be removed from the system. But we can disable/ enable pigeonhole locations based on requirements. 

Why do we rescan all the items in Bulk Packing screen during closure?

When scanning a Pack Box ID, if there were few items already present in the scanned Box ID, then it is necessary to rescan all items during closure to confirm the Item count.
When scanning a Pack Box ID which is empty, then it is not necessary to rescan all items during closure.

Can an order be cancelled after manifest in WMS?(If an order is cancelled in marketplace after manifest is done in WMS)


Solution: Do manual order completion for the particular order and do the RTO processing.

Can an order be marked completed in OMS with out packing process done?


Why is handover time different in Jasper Report and Handover Document?

It can happen in case of manual handover, the handover document is not created at shipment handover creation . So the handover time on the document is the generation time of the document.

When an item is picked from location will it show bin location as null while tracking the picked location? 

YesOnce item is picked it will not be associated to any bin. And hence bin location will be null.

Can one return item be added inside multiple return gate entries?


If the returns are added into multiple return gate entries by mistake it can be marked as rejected from the gate entry which is not needed. (There is a reject AWB field on the top of the page)

Error in closing shipment: Error From Channel : Error From Channel: Error from Clear Tax EInvoice.DocDtls.No : Document Number details are mandatory and must be a alphanumeric string with '-' or '/' of length 1 to 16, first characters cannot be 0. Please

Clear tax has a limit of 16 characters for invoice number , this error occurs if invoice number exceeds 16 characters.

Can the Gate Entry Qty be updated once the gate entry has been created?

No it cannot updated.

What is excess return? Can we restrict return processing of excess return?

Excess return happens when a forward order has multiple return orders created for each line item and the packet received at the warehouse has a different SKUs which is not expected as per the order created. This could happen if the packet is swapped by channel/logistic partner/warehouse. 

These returns of different packets can be processed in Increff system as it belongs to the same forward order id. It cannot be restricted as it would lead to increasing unprocessed return over a period of time. 

Transporter details on Create manifest panel under Manifests Screen in WMS

The transporter details in the dropdown will be shown depending on the transporter to which pending orders to be manifested would be dispatched. 

Can you proceed with Bulk Order Handover if Shipment Count is under Rejected Shipment?

Here, there can be multiple boxes in a shipment. When you scan the boxes in the handover screen, the shipment including those boxes keeps on increasing the Approved status count. And later when you mark handover complete, system shows the status as Dispatched with a red cross(X) to ensure no more boxes are added later on same handover. Also, the count of shipments is shown in Rejected Shipments.

Conclusively, it is the expected behavior of the system. You can go ahead with bulk handover process of the remaining shipments.

Why the order status will not be updated to completed on seller panel even after completing the order in Increff?

This issue occurs if the orders were manually handed over because acknowledgment call for the handover process will not be sent to marketplaces if the shipments are manually handed over.

Where can we reprint stickers?

Reprinting of stickers and documents is now moved to a separate screen named Reprint Stickers under the Sundry category in WMS.

  • Following sticker / document types can be reprinted through this screen:

    • Item Code sticker reprint (only when reprintItem config is turned ON).  To turn the configuration on, please raise aticket to 'Omni Support Portal' with attached images and reason for its use case.

    • Bin ID sticker reprint (only when reprintBin config is turned ON)

      • Single sticker reprint

      • Bulk Sticker reprint

    • Location ID sticker reprint

    • Reprint document (All document types)

Will the warning message  GRN Tolerance crossed  during GRN cause error while doing the procedure?

No, it is just a waring to message it will not affect the process.

When does MRP Mismatch happen on Shipping label?

The MRP of an item is sent to OMNI from the marketplace, so if the MRP updated in product master is same as the MRP sent by the Marketplace the mismatch will happen.

What is the maximum number of line items that can be added in a single shipment?


RTO Shipment Item Missing

If the client/warehouse team has received RTO shipment and some quantities have missing in that shipment then the warehouse can contact the delivery partner for the items that are missing or damaged . If the warehouse team don't have the contacts then they can mark those items as lost.

To mark the item as lost refer this document.

What happens when the shipments are physically handed over without closing the Manifest in Omni for Ajio?

Once the shipments are physically handed over to the courier partner, they notify Ajio that the orders have been shipped. Ajio then automatically marks these orders as Completed in their system. However, if we subsequently attempt to close the corresponding manifest in Omni, Ajio will throw an error indicating that "Order with ID [xxx] already belongs to manifest ID [xxx]".  

These orders cannot be completed through standard processes because according to Ajio's data, they have already shipped. To resolve this, manually complete the orders by referring to Manual Order Completion after confirming the order status on Ajio portal.

Note: Please do not handover the shipments without closing the manifest in Omni

Can we customize invoices for INTERNAL orders.

No, we will not be able to customize invoices for INTERNAL orders because OMS/WMS generates the invoices for INTERNAL orders. Invoices are customizable only when RMS generates the invoices that is when the orders are placed in the ERP/Channel APP.

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