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Is MRP field captured in any Report?

MRP is captured in Storage: SKU Master – OMS Report

Why Discount data is not captured in any of the Reports?

Discount % and Discount Amount are not shared by most of the Marketplaces. Hence this data is not captured in Omni and is not part of any Report.

Is there Rounding Off of any value in Omni Reports currently?

Selling Price is rounded off to 2 decimal places in reports for B2C forward orders.

Is Marketplace Forward Invoice Number captured in any report? This is important from Returns perspective.

Marketplace Forward Invoice Number is captured under field Sales Invoice No in Report Outwards : B2C Outward SKU Wise Report – OMS

However, not all marketplaces share this data. 

Example – Myntra PPMP does not send Forward Invoice Number as data to us.

How to download or share the Return Image which got captured during Return processing?

Login to Jasper Reports > Returns : Image URLs - OMS > Select the required filters and Click Apply.

Along with the Return order details, user can see 'Image URL' column which gives the Return image file name. In order to get the image downloaded or to share the return image in a downloadable format, usermay use the following format as follows,

Fomart:<client_name>-assure /<client_id>/RETURN_IMAGE/<return_image_file_name>.jpg


  1. If the Omni Url is as follows, then Client _name will be aabbcc.
  2. For Client Id, Check the Client Id in OMS from the 'Client' Screen.
  3. Get the Image file name from the 'Image Url' Column and paste it into the Url just before the extension '.jpg'.

Error: "There was an error on the server. Try again or contact site administrator (Error UID: xxx)"

In such cases, you may retry loading the report after some time or reduce the data size filter and try. 

After some time if the issue persists, you may contact Omni support portal for the further assistance.

Which report can be refered to check the data of Flipkart Return Item ID for Return reconcilation between Marketplace returns data and returns processed in WMS?

The data for FK Return Order Item ID is present in Jasper report: Returns : Return Order Report Item Level - WMS .Team can refer to columns Channel sub order ID and Channel Return Item ID columns in this report.


To find out how many total QC rejections were there in a certain month,.

To find out how many total rejections were there in a certain month, out of which how much were we able to salvage/recover the following logic can be used, so that you can have a correct representation of the numbers.

  • You can take the failed/qc rejected numbers from failed qty column in Inwards: Inward Report at GRN SKU level. This number remains static even if the item moves from QC fail to QC Pass.
  • In the Storage: QC Reject reasons report, the number keeps on changing as and when any item moves from QC fail to QC Pass. So ideally if you have to check how many items have been recovered from QC rejections, you refer to this report.
    • Failed quantity - QC rejection = Salvaged Numbers  

Items marked as Not Found while Picking or Cycle Count not present in Storage : Not Found Snapshot - WMS report.

Items that are marked as Not Found will be present in the report only till then remain as Not Found. Once the item is Found and Putaway is done, item will not be present in the report.

Invoiced time for B2B Multi-Shipment orders in Order Status Report Detail

  • For B2B orders that have a Fulfillment Type of MULTI_SHIPMENT_PARTIAL, a single order can be fulfilled through multiple shipments and invoices. 
  • This means the customer will receive their items in separate shipments, and each shipment will have a separate invoice.  
  • Because these orders are fulfilled over multiple shipments and invoices, there may not be a single invoice date that applies to the entire order. 
  • The items are not all shipped and invoiced at once. Different line items within the order may be invoiced on different dates, as they are ready to be shipped.

System Invoice No and Channel Invoice No not visible in Return Order Report SKU Wise - OMS

  • Order level details will be visible only once the return order item has been received for orders that are split. (sub orders)

Which report can be referred to get the Myntra Tagloop codes.

We have this data stored for the orders that are only being completed currently. Please refer to External Serial Code column in Shipped Order Items Detail Report - WMS and Picklist Report - WMS report to find Myntra Tagloop code.

Can we compare Inventory Ageing - WMS report and Inventory Available for Sales - OMS report.

Inventory Ageing - WMS report will only show the inventory that is available and LIVE. Inventory Available for Sales - OMS report will show the inventory that is LIVE, ALLOCATED, RECYLE, OFFLINE, and LOST.
Hence, these two reports cannot be compared.

Please refer to Bin & SKU level Inventory Snapshot - WMS report with Bin Status as PUTAWAY to compare the inventory with Inventory Ageing - WMS report

Outwards Flipkart Item ID mapping Report - CIMS has been renamed as B2C Orders at Channel Sub Order level(Non Split) - CIMS.

Why are there a few blank columns for a few line items in the Return Order Report Item Level - WMS report.

Channel Return ID, Return Order Type, System Return ID  and other related columns will be blank if the returns are processed without expectations.

Please refer to Return Processed Without Expectation column which will state Yes if the returns were processed without expectation.

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