User Management in Increff Account

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In order to Create and Manage new user(s) and configuring the user roles in Increff WMS you can refer to below mentioned steps for each purpose.

Create New User

Following are the steps to create a new Omni user in Increff Account:

  • Go to

  • Enter Application ID as Omni

  • Enter the Organization ID (earlier domain name)

  • Login to Increff Account either by providing username and password or through Google authentication

  • In the Increff Account home page, click on the Users icon.

  • The screen will display the list of all enabled users. Click Create New User icon.

  • Provide all the user details and click the Submit button.

Figure 1: Enter the Application to sign in to Increff Account

Figure 2: Enter the Organization ID

Figure 3: Login to Increff Account

Figure 4: Increff Account Home page

Figure 5: Create New User icon in Users page

Figure 6: Enter the user details in Create New User popup

Manage User Roles

  • Once the user is created successfully, click on the created user from the users table.

  • A popup containing all the roles will be displayed on the screen.

  • Enable / Disable the required roles for the user through the checkbox against each role.

  • Click the Submit button to save the user roles.

Figure 7: Enable / Disable roles for each user

User Roles Increff Auth to Increff Account Migration

User Role in Increff Auth

User Role in Increff Account















Edit / Manage User

Following options are available as icons against each user details in the table:

  • Edit User Details

  • Change User Login Mode

  • Change Password

  • Reset User

Figure 8: Manage user through the icons against the user

Accessing User Management from Omni

For admin users, the Manage Users icon is available in Omni, which redirects to the Increff Account.

Figure 9: Manage Users icon in Omni Homepage

Figure 10: Manage Users icon in Omni WMS under Admin category

Figure 11: Manage Users icon in Omni WMS, OMS and CIMS Navbar options

⚠️ Note: The Manage Users screen can be accessed from Omni Home page, WMS, OMS and CIMS only if the user has app.admin role.

Common Errors FAQs


Please check the roles provided to the user for the module he is trying to access.

Error: User has exceeded maximum retries

This happens if a user has entered the Incorrect password more than 5 times. Please reset the users from Manage Users Screen.

Warehouse Access Management in Omni

Configure User Warehouse Access in Omni WMS

  • Previously, warehouse access was configured through User Attributes in Increff Auth application.

  • Now, a new screen Warehouse Access is added in Omni. 

  • ⚠️ Note: The Warehouse Access screen can be accessed from Omni Home page, WMS, OMS and CIMS only if the user has app.admin role.

Figure 12: Warehouse management through User Attributes in Increff Auth

Figure 13: Warehouse Access icon in Omni home page

Figure 14: Warehouse Access under Admin category in Omni WMS

Figure 15: Warehouse Access  icon in Omni WMS, OMS and CIMS Navbar options

Warehouse Access screen in Omni WMS

  • The Warehouse Access screen is used to add / edit the warehouses accessible by a user.

  • This screen displays the list of all users whose login mode is Via Username & Password (Basic) and Via Google Account (OAuth2).

  • On click of a user, the list of all available warehouses is displayed in a popup. The warehouse access can be enabled / disabled by using the checkboxes against each warehouse.

Figure 16: Warehouse Access screen in WMS

Figure 17: Enable / Disable warehouse access for user in Warehouse Access screen in WMS

Reporting Access Management in Omni

Now We can control the access to Reports Locations\Client wise for any User.

  •  Access for All Locations\Clients
  • Access for Selected Locations\Clients

Access for All Locations\Clients

  1. Go To User Roles

  2. Select Application as report

  3. Select Role report.admin


Access for Selected Locations\Clients

We Can now restrict users to access the report for a particular location or client. They can only access the reports of the location for which the access is given. 

Follow the Below Steps:

Step 1:  

Create Resources

  • Choose Resource Type as Clients or Fulfillment location
  • Put Warehouse ID or Client ID in Value Field
  • Put Warehouse Name or Client Name in Description Field

Step 2:  

Go To User Roles and select the role report.standard

Step 3:  

Now Select the Resource Button and then you can Select Resource type and Resource Value to give access

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