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Amazon AE marketplace integration is used to integrate with Amazon Easyship in the Middle East region.

Obtaining Credentials for integration

Two credentials are required for Amazon AE Integration.

API Integration

To use Amazon AE (for GetOrders API) one must have an Amazon AE-eligible professional selling account. Every seller which is selling on Amazon has an Amazon selling account. A developer Id is associated with every selling account which the account holder is supposed to use for making MWS API calls. 

Adding Increff as a developer on seller panel

Increff as a developer will be making calls to Amazon APIs on behalf of the seller. For this, the seller needs to authorize Increff which is done by adding Increff’s developer Id as authorized developer Id in the Client’s seller panel account.

To add Increff as a developer, the seller should log in to their primary account and add Increff as a developer in user permissions. The steps are mentioned below

  1. Go to third party apps

  2. Add developer.

  3. The developer's name and developer id should be added as mentioned above. This will provide us with the Seller ID and MWS auth-token.

Scrapping Integration

Seller UI credentials along with QR code data (of Google Authenticator QR) is needed. Please find the steps below to get QR code.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Login Settings
  3. Edit Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings
  4. Preferred Method -> Authenticator App -> Add new app
  5. Click on ‘can’t scan the barcode’ and copy the Secret Key
  6. Add the secret key to Authenticator Generator on the machine

Inventory Update

  • Inventory update from Assure CIMS isn't directly sent to the channel due to very stringent rate-limiting in Amazon MWS.
  • Inventory updates are stored in the Assure proxy database and then periodically sent to the Marketplace.

Order Flow

  1. Orders in Unfulfilled state at Amazon side are fetched based on User Id(Vendor id) directly to ASSURE.
  2. The orders would be processed as per the Assure standard process.
  3. During Packing, the Pack API call searches the order via ChannelOrderID and schedule a pickup for the order (Normally 1+ day). 
  4. Assure fetches the Packlist and Invoice doc via Amazon seller panel at the time of packing.

Return Flow

Return Flow is not currently supported via this integration.


Rate Limit

  • Rate limiting is very stringent in Amazon MWS. Hence, inventory is not synchronized in real-time, and a delay is expected in reflecting on the Marketplace.

  • There is another important aspect of rate-limiting, both packing and inventory updates require the same API (Submit Feed API). Hence both activities share the same quota of requests 30 req/hour

  • There is a small delay between every fetch order call due to the strict throttling rule set by Amazon.

  • Due to strict throttling, Assure save inventory updates in its proxy database and cumulatively send them every hour.

Packing and Fetching Documents

  • Since Fetching Invoices and Shipping labels on scrapping mechanism, so sometimes, due to the internet speed or some other issue, users may face delays and timeout while generating invoices and shipping labels. In such cases, users need to retry those orders. (Usually, it takes around 20 sec to fetch the documents)

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