Amazon MWS API Integration

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Initial Setup:-

  • To use Amazon MWS one must have an Amazon MWS-eligible professional selling account. Every client of Increff which is selling on Amazon has an amazon selling account.
  • We, as a developer, will be making calls to Amazon APIs on behalf of our clients. This has to be authorized by the Clients, which will be taken care of by the Assure Success Team.

Requirements from Client:-

  • Seller Panel Credentials

Supported Workflow:-




Order Fetch


Orders in “Unfulfilled” state on the Amazon side are fetched based on User Id(Vendor id) sent directly to ASSURE

Returns Fetch


Orders Acknowledgement


Create Shipment


Pack call includes creating a scheduled package and creating pickup. Shipment ID and invoice ID is stored in DB

Get Shipment


Invoice ID is retrieved from proxy DB and using it PDF is obtained and sent to Assure.



Return Order Processing




Customer Cancellation


Credential Refresh


Seller Cancellation



Restrictions at Assure:-

  • All calls made to Amazon MWS APIs are not recorded and thus logs are not available
  • A separate inventory pool has to be maintained since the inventory updates are not sent in real-time.
  • Common Inventory Pool can be used, said that a significant buffer is placed. Whichever pool is used, Inventory updates will be sent only once per hour.

Restrictions at Amazon:-

  • Rate limiting is very stringent in Amazon MWS. Hence, inventory is not synced in real-time, and a delay in reflecting the same on the channel should be expected.
    1. In order to handle this, Assure saves all inventory updates in the proxy database and then, cumulatively sends it as a single call, every hour.
  • Both packing and inventory update calls use the same API (i.e. Submit Feed API). Hence, both activities share the same quota of requests per hour (i.e 30 req/hour)
    1. Since inventory update is sent every hour,  a maximum of 29 orders can be packed per hour. Also, only 1 order can be packed every 2 minutes. This is because Amazon follows 'Leaky Bucket' algorithm for this integration.
  • Due to the strict throttling rule, there will be a small delay between every fetch order call to MWS, and thus delay in fetching orders should be expected.


Channel Listings in CIMS:-


Channel Listings should be uploaded in the following format in CIMS


Client SKU Id

Channel Serial No.

Channel SKU Id



Merchant SKU



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