Cloudtail FAQs

Modified on Fri, 8 Oct, 2021 at 9:39 PM

B2B Invoicing

Cloudtail works on a B2B2C model. i.e. 

  • Customer sees inventory being sold by Cloudtail
  • Customer places order
  • Cloudtail makes an invoice for Customer
  • Cloudtail makes a back-2-back B2B purchase of these inventories from the brand

Ideally, when such a sales is done, Cloudtail must raise a back-2-back PO to brand and brand must raise a back-2-back invoice to Cloudtail automatically (either via ERP integration or emails or some other mechanism)

However Cloudtail does not provide integration capabilities for the same.

The current mechanism is that 

  • Cloudtail provides a portal to brand
  • Brands manually upload invoices to that portal

30 Second Delay in printing of Shipping Label

During packing, Assure makes two API calls to Cloudtail

  • CreateShipment - to create an AWB no.
  • GetShipment - to get the AWB no. PDF

Due to architectural restrictions on Cloudtail side, Cloudtail recommends to wait for maximum 30 seconds between invoking these calls. We've tried to find a right technical solution to this problem, but have not been able to arrive at a scalable and reliable solution with Clouttail.


  • In practice, it a delay of only 10 seconds is experienced. 
  • So, the packer must first press the Confirm Packing button
  • Wait for 10 seconds
  • Press the Print Invoice & Shipping Label button

Even with 500 orders per day, this would at max result in 500*10/3600 = 1 hour 20 minutes of manpower wasted.

In peak sales period, please put additional processing desks just for Cloudtail (for those few days of sales)

Resolution steps for below Error

"Error from Channel: {

  "errors" : [ {

    "code" : "ResourceNotFound",

    "message" : "Cannot find resource by the given URI"

  } ]


Steps to be followed by the client for above error

  1. Client to share the Error order details to Assure Support.

  2. Increff Team would get the transaction Ids using the order details, get the logs using it and share those logs with the client for few error orders.
  3. Client to raise a case in vendor central including those logs.

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