Amazon SmartConnect (Seller Flex) Onboarding Process on Increff WMS

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Initial steps to be completed by Seller

  • The seller needs to first complete the registration on the Amazon portal. Please click on the below link for more details and go through the document carefully as it contains a lot of important information about Amazon's seller portal and seller's training.

Refer to the attached filename(Amazon SmartConnect Warehouse Integration Detailed Program Document (Seller Facing)

  • Once registration is complete, please download the below template and share the updated file with by creating a ticket on Portal.

Amazon SmartConnect Integration Request Template

  • The increff team will share your updated template with the Amazon SmartConnect business team for further processing and warehouse node creation.

Note - Node creation request can be rejected in case Amazon receives the same request from Increff as well as Seller's Amazon account manager. As per Amazon's instructions, if the seller already has an account manager assigned by Amazon, then this request should be initiated directly by the Amazon account manager without the involvement of Increff team 

Process followed at Amazon after receiving updated template from Increff

  • Amazon team does a weekly submission of leads to their program team every Wednesday.
  • Once the leads are submitted – their program team starts configuring these leads at the backend.

  • Amazon team will share the warehouse node information with Increff.

  • The usual timeline for a site to be tech-ready at Amazon's end is 4 weeks if there is no tech freeze at their end.

  • Once sites are tech-ready, Amazon will mark it as PO released.

  • Post PO released, the seller needs to update the simulation link as per the below document.
    Simulation Link Step-by-Step process

  • Once the simulation link is updated, Amazon's OE team has the weekly cadence of picking these sites for validation every Thursday and assigning agents by Friday.

  • Amazon's OE team will reach out to the seller to confirm site verification and mark the sites as ops-ready.

  • Once the sites are marked as ops ready Amazon will consolidate all sites marked as ops ready and push for Monday's launch.

Final go-live steps

  • The increff team will configure the warehouse node in Omni.
  • Procure the packing material from Amazon.
  • Once the setup is complete and after receiving the go-ahead from Amazon, the inventory of one test product is synced from Omni, and the test order is processed successfully.
  • After the successful processing of the test order, the warehouse node will be live for complete inventory sync and B2C order processing.  
  • Please go through the below important documents before processing SmartConnect orders


  • Amazon only takes SellerFlex node creation/update requests when their onboarding window is open. Amazon team communicates about the request window timelines only one week prior.
  • Amazon usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for warehouse node creation from the date we share the updated Amazon SmartConnect Integration Request Template with them.

Important links

Amazon SmartConnect (Seller Flex) Connector Change Request

If a client wants to switch from one integrator to another,there has to be a a connector change request raised to Amazon.

Amazon has  weekly process to accept request for Connector change for WI(Warehouse Integration). Connector change happens at PCID (location)level. Hence, we should raise request at PCID level only.

Inputs: We need to share the below details to the Amazon team and confirm the Pre-requisites according to the SOP.

  • Seller Name
  • Old Connector
  • New Connector
  • Business Justification


  1. Pre-requisite:
    1. Ensure all the orders on the sites are processed before raising the request
    2. Make the inventory 0 from old connector
    3. seller needs to ensure all the clean-up has been done on the old Connector, so that it does not impact, once the node has been migrated to the new Connector
  2. Alignment: Alignment between Seller & Integrator is closed.
  3. Timeline:
    • Input closure: All requests will be picked up every Monday EOD
    • Change completion: Current TAT for Connector change request is 5 days and changes will be updated by Friday of every week
  4. Note: There cannot be any operation on the site during the transition period.
  5. Post change in integrator, the same will be updated in the mail . KMS Key & Location ID will be same as before.

Basic Inventory and Order Testing Workflow

  • Select couple of SKUs and make inventory zero from old connector
  • Send inventory updates from new integrator for the SKUs (limited quantities)
  • Check if the inventory is updated
  • Place the test orders for the SKUs and process them from new integrator panel.
  • Test all the order flow scenarios - Complete Order processing, Seller Cancellation and Customer Cancellation
  • If all the cases are pass, you can plan fresh inventory updates from the new integrator and process orders from the new integrator panel.
  • You should stop using older integrator panel and check whether system is working fine.
  • Seller should not concurrently process orders from both panels except for testing few SKU test orders.

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