Flipkart Dropship (Seller Fulfilment) Onboarding Process on Assure

Modified on Thu, 9 Jun, 2022 at 5:35 PM

Below are the steps to take Assure enabled warehouse live on Flipkart dropship (Seller Fulfilment) model.


#StepsAction onTime required (in days)Seller registered, node existsSeller registered, node doesn't existSeller not registered
1Flipkart stops new seller or new location creation at least one month before the saleBrand, Marketplace30NAYesYes
2Create a seller account with Flipkart by providing the details required by Flipkart( warehouse details, GST details, etc).
Make sure that courier pickup address is same as warehouse address.
Brand, Marketplace15NANAYes
3Make sure dropship and Omni-channel should not run under the same seller account.
4Catalogue the products on Flipkart and share the listing data with Increff team.

There are three options for exposing inventory and order fulfilment in Flipkart. 2(b) is the most important to understand.
1. Non F-Assured Products: These are under Seller Fulfillment by default. Inventory sync and Order fulfilment can happen via APIs. Assure is integrated with this model.

2. F-Assured Products:

a. Smart Fulfillment: F-Assured Products under Smart Fulfilment can only be exposed and their orders can only be processed from Flipkart WMS (Flipkart panel). No APIs are available for Smart Fulfillment, hence standard integration is not possible for this model.
Flipkart does not provide any support for issues witnessed by any WMS using scraping or other mechanisms to integrate with Flipkart Smart.
Note - Flipkart Smart is getting discontinued from 1st August 2022.

b. Seller Fulfillment (Smart 3.0): Based on the performance of the Seller and respective listings, Flipkart awards F-Assured status to these automatically to the listings, while in Seller Fulfillment model. This model works on the same Seller Fulfillment APIs and is integrated with Assure.

Click here for further details. You may need seller panel credentials to access this link.
Brand, Marketplace7YesYesYes
5Share the panel credentials with Increff teamBrand0.25YesYesYes
6Generate API Credential from https://api.flipkart.net/oauth-register/loginIncreff0.5YesYesYes
7Get V3 Flag enable from FlipkartIncreff, Marketplace2YesYesYes
8Give approval to disable Re-Inventorization Flag on FlipkartBrand0.25YesYesYes
9Get Re-Inventorization Flag disabled on FlipkartIncreff, Marketplace2YesYesYes
10Initial upload of the listing data in AssureIncreff0.5YesYesYes
11Make inventory positive for one SKU on Flipkart seller panel manually (only for new account). This activates the account for Inventory updateBrand0.5NAYesYes
12Make sure there are no active orders on Marketplace seller panelBrand1YesYesYes
13Make sure that no other SKU has any positive inventory on Flipkart panelBrand0.5YesYesYes
14Procure Packing Material for packing the ordersBrand, Marketplace2YesYesYes
15Turn on inventory sync for 1 SKU for testingIncreff0.25YesYesYes
16Turn on order syncIncreff0YesYesYes
17Place test order on customer portalBrand0.25YesYesYes
18Process the test order till handover stageBrand, 3PL0.5YesYesYes
19Turn on Inventory sync for all SKUs in AssureIncreff0.25YesYesYes

Note - All Brand and Marketplace owned activities have an average timeline based on our past experiences. This can vary from Brand to Brand

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