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What is Failed Order and how to move it in OMS?


The marketplace order whose Channel SKU ID is not uploaded at listings in Omni for the respective marketplace goes in the Failed state. Immediately upload the listing for the respective Channel SKU ID and retry the order from Failed Order Tab from CIMS

Following steps need to follow to move it in OMS

  1. Search the order in Failed Orders Tab.
  2. Click on CIMS Order ID to get Channel SKU ID.
  3. Upload the listing through Manage Listing Tab.
  4. Search the order again in Failed Order Tab and click on Retry Order

After few seconds, the order will move in OMS.

You can also regularly monitor the Outwards: Failed Order Report - CIMS - This report helps to find if any order moves in a fail state. Immediately upload the listing for the respective Channel SKU ID and retry the order from Failed Order Tab from CIMS

Basic checks for Zero Inventory or Inventory mismatch issues  

  • SKU should be listed in Product Master Jasper Report Standard Reports > Storage SKU Master - OMS
  • Inventory sync should be in ON status.
  • Make sure that SKUs are listed in CIMS as well as on the Channel. Listing should be ENABLED at both ends. Jasper report Standard Reports > Listing Snapshot - CIMS
  • Check if inventory is available for Sales. Jasper Report Standard Reports > Storage Inventory Available for Sales - OMS
  • Finally, check whether any inventory buffer is set in CIMS (Client-Channel Screen) for that channel or not. If the buffer is set for a channel, if the available quantity is equal to or less than the buffer quantity, then CIMS will expose 0 inventory to the channel.
  • Quantity should not be updated directly from the Seller Portal. If a channel needs some quantity to be updated, please update the minimum quantity (preferably ONE).

What is the difference between Force Disable Listing and Force Disable Inventory Updates?

Force Disable Listing
Force Disable Inventory Updates
The system will try to sync 0 inventory on Marketplace for the respective location before disabling the listing.The system won't sync any inventory update before disabling the listing.
Listing Inventory for the respective location will be 0 on Marketplace if inventory sync is successful.Listing Inventory can be non-zero on Marketplace for the respective location.
If inventory sync fails consecutively three times while updating 0 inventory on Marketplace, listings move in MAX_RETRIES_REACHED state.Since there is no syncing happening, the listing status will move only in the SYNC_DISABLED state.
Listing status changed to ENABLED state again on receiving any new order for the respective location.The listing status will remain in SYNC_DISABLED state even on receiving any new order for the respective location.
SKU_DISABLED is shown as status in Jasper Report for such listingsSYNC_DISABLED is shown as status in Jasper Report for such listings.


What is Max_retries_reached status?

Listings which are in ENABLED status will be exposed to the marketplaces. If we get an error response from the channel for consecutively 2 tries, then CIMS will mark those listings as MAX_RETRIES_REACHED. This can happen if the channel SKU Id is invalid or due to API outages at the channel's end. 

If the listings are valid and got into max_retries_reached status, do FORCE_ENABLE listings from CIMS.

Listing Mapping

  • One Channel SKU can be mapped to only One Global SKU  (1 to one mapping)
  • One Global SKU can be mapped to multiple Channel SKUs (1 to many mapping)

What is the purpose of CIMS Manual Order Cancellation?

  • CIMS Manual Order Cancellation screen is added to manually cancel the orders which are already cancelled on the Marketplace Seller Panel.
  • This screen can be used for customer cancellation of orders before manifest, for which the cancellation could not be synced due to unavailability of Marketplace integration APIs or due to any other reason.
  • For manual order cancellation, a CSV file containing the ChannelOrderID should be uploaded. Based on the selected Cancellation Type, i.e. cancellation before/after the invoice, the order will be cancelled, without calling the Marketplace.

Are SKUs uploaded in the CIMS-Listing case sensitive?

Yes, the SKUs uploaded are case sensitive. However, OMS-Product is not case sensitive, so the SKUs uploaded as lowercase will show as uppercase in reports.

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