Assure New Features and Enhancements- Release Notes

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Release Date
Key Enhancements
Release 6218 Jan 2022
  • Feature to support Open Purchase Orders and Open Return Orders.
  • Feature to support Manufacturable Inventory.
  • Feature to configure Channel specific printers.
Release 614 Jan 2022
  • New features to support Virtual Combos.
  • Configurations for visibility of SKU Attributes.
  • Customizable QC Fail Reasons.
  • Introduction of GRN and Return Tolerance For Perishable Products.
  • Feature to prevent syncing of entire inventory when enabling Inventory-Sync job.
  • Feature to specify default listing status during the creation of Location / Listings.
  • Auditing on updation of fields like SLA and start processing time for orders. 
  • Support for the printing of smaller stickers in Assure.
Release 603 Nov 2021
  • Single Shipment Partial fulfilment.
  • Box Barcode Reprinting screen and Gate Entry screen merged.
  • New screen for mapping AWBs to Return Gate Entry.
  • Order and line item cancellation in OMS via CSV upload.
  • Option introduced to download the consignment document in the Return Gate Entry screen.
  • Auditing of Warehouse configuration changes.
  • Process wise auditing of Lost items.
Release 5913 Sep 2021
  • Introducing features to manage users, their roles and warehouse access through Assure.
  • Assure authentication and authorization are now handled through Increff Account.
Release 5819 Aug 2021
  • Send Gate Entry Level details in GRN Postings to an ERP.
  • Pigeon Hole picking for Express Orders.
  • Enable / Disable event-level notifications for a channel to an ERP.
Release 5716 Jul 2021
  • Introducing features to handle Expirable products in Assure.
  • Sticker Templatization.
  • New reports to provide expiry-related data.
Release 5631 May 2021
  • Handling Extra and Excess items during GRN.
  • Improvements in Return order image capturing.
  • Capturing TCS (Tax Collected at Source) during the order creation. 
Release 5514 May 2021
  • Handling multiple time zones in ASSURE along with reports.
  • Wave-wise Picking in WMS.
  •  Split Piece Packing configuration is now added at the warehouse level.
Release 5429 Apr 2021
  • Display of Order Type (SINGLE Piece / MULTI Piece) during pick suggestion in Piece Pick Item screen in WMS.
  • Printing of City, Country Name on Outward Box stickers in Piece Packing screen in WMS.
  • Priority orders are highlighted in Sorting and Packing screens in WMS.
  • Removal Of Channels screen from OMS.
Release 5326 Mar 2021
  • New functionality of Express Picking introduced.
  • Addition of Client SKU ID in Item ID Sticker.
  • External Invoice ID based search for shipments in Bulk Handover screen.
  • Additional audit logs added in the OMS Audit Logs screen.
  • Capturing Incorrect SKU received during return order processing.
  • Capturing Cancellation Type during Return order cancellation.
  • Rejecting AWBs in a CLOSED Return Gate Entry.
  • Return GRN of NEW status items.
Release 5214 Feb 2021
  • GRN using Custom SKU Attribute(s) instead of Client SKU ID
  • Split Piece Packing screen in WMS
  • Auto Next Aisle Allocation during Piece Picking
  • Force Disable Inventory Updates status related to listings introduced in CIMS
  • New Enable / Disable ERP Notifications screen in CIMS
  • New ERP Masters Code Mapping screen in CIMS.
  • New Manual Order Cancellation screen in CIMSGRN using Custom SKU Attribute(s) instead of Client SKU ID.
  • Split Piece Packing screen in WMS.
  • Auto Next Aisle Allocation during Piece Picking.
  • Force Disable Inventory Updates status related to listings introduced in CIMS.
  • New Enable / Disable ERP Notifications screen in CIMS.
  • New ERP Masters Code Mapping screen in CIMS.
  • New Manual Order Cancellation screen in CIMS.
Release 51-221 Jan 2021
  • New Return Order Cancellation screen for cancellation of return orders.
  • Cross-browser support for Assure WMS, OMS, CIMS.
Release 514 Dec 2020
  • Added configuration to skip EAN scan during GRN in WMS.
  • New feature to capture SKU of Packing Material in WMS.
  • Removal of those channel configurations in OMS which have become redundant with this release.
Release 506 Nov 2020
  • Virtual keypad will not open in mobile / HHD devices when a scannable field is focused. A keypad symbol ⌨ is displayed beside the input field to open the virtual keypad manually.
  • Option to exclude CPT items during piece picking.
  • Tax Computation for Stock Transfer Orders.
  • Manual Order Completion for Packed Orders.
  • Optional fields to capture Table ID in GRN, Recycle Desk, Packing and Return Processing screens.
  • Send near real-time GRN Notifications To ERP.
Release 4913 Oct 2020
  • Custom Attributes Configuration and their mapping with SKU master data in OMS.
  • New AWB Sorting screen in WMS for sorting the shipments based on Channel and Transporter.
  • New Capture Packet Dimensions screen in WMS for capturing the packet dimensions of the shipment.
  • New Manual Handover screen in WMS to dispatch the manifested shipments processed through the seller panel.
  • Storing softcopy of Handover Receipt in Assure.
  • Update Listing feature in CIMS for updating the channel serial number in a listing.
Release 485 Sep 2020
  • Optimization and restructure of Pigeonhole flows and screens.
  • CIMS now supports ERP integrations and ASSURE MAGIC V2 push-based APIs.
  • Tax Rules usage from Master data for Invoice Creation.
  • Feature to stop Picklist Release for a Marketplace.
  • SLA based colour coding in Item Sorting screen.
  • Edit Distance and Enable/Disable Locations features for both STORAGE and PIGEONHOLE locations.
Release 4730 Jul 2020
  • Item Putaway feature is now available.
  • Names of multiple Screens have been simplified.
  • Few Statuses of Item, Outward Box and Shipment have been simplified.
  • OMS Order CSV Upload performance in Inward and Outward Order screens has been improved.
Release 468 Jun 2020
  • Simplification of the process of creating and managing customer/supplier masters, warehouses, locations and linking them in OMS.
  • Sound feedback is provided to distinguish between success and error during item picking.
  • QC Fail Reasons list has been enhanced.
  • Load time of pigeon holes in pigeon-hole status screen has been improved.
Release 4515 May 2020
  • Items can be directly picked for a fulfillable order without releasing pick lists.
  • New CPT filter on the Pick-pending screen.
  • Improved response time of order related API calls in OMS.
Release 4430 Apr 2020
  • Item IDs can be reused while processing inwards of stock transfer (reprinting not required) and returns (reprinting required).
  • Tax Breakup from seller and channel can now be used for invoicing purposes in OLTP. 
  • Empty Pigeon hole suggestion feature has been introduced in WMS
  • New Upload Invoice Tax Information Screen in OMS
  • Major improvement in Audit Log response time in WMS as well as OMS
Release 4327 Mar 2020
  • Enhanced Return flow process, forward order is now mandatory for creating returns. 
  • Seller Invoice Cancellation feature introduced for B2B orders
  • New option for Auto Inventory Allocation while placing B2B Orders in OMS
  • Enabled Channel wise inventory exposure with Buffer setting
Release 4221 Feb 2020
  • Enhanced Return flow process
  • Pigeon Hole Put Away process made easy
  • Enhanced Piece Packing screen, Bulk Packing screen and Handover screen in WMS
  • Introduction of Audit Log screen in OMS
  • Updating existing Article Master in OMS
  • OMS Order Search improvement
  • e-Commerce channel creation process made easy in CIMS

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