WMS Picklist Configuration

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WMS has 2 types of picklists which can be set in Picklist Configuration

  • Express Picking

  • Default Picking



  • There will be two different waves for picklist release in the system

    • Default wave for Default Picking

    • Express wave for Express Picking

  • Both of the waves will have their own independent wave size and frequency. In the Piece Pick Pending segregation is available basis on the Pick Type

  • Express Pick type wave will fetch the orders and select those only which satisfy the conditions of express definition.

  • Express wave will sort the resulted list by SLA time and release the pick lists for required qty.

  • Default waves will only operate on those orders which do not satisfy the express definition.

  • Rest of the functionality will remain the same for default waves.


Eg : If the wave size is set as 100, Wave frequency is set as 15 minutes, the system will make sure that at every 15*x minute would have 100 picks pending to be picked. 

If the first wave of 100 has been released at the start of operations and the pickers have picked 40 items in 15 minutes. The next picks that would be released is 40, as the 60 items released in the earlier picklist are not yet picked. The system maintains the wave size defined is reached at each frequency.

  • Wave Size

Number of Picklists to be released in each wave frequency

  • Wave Frequency in Minutes

Time Period in which the no. of Picklists specified in Wave Size will be released

Express Picking


Express Picking has 2 definitions

  • CPT

  • Priority



Express Picking CPT

CPT is the other word for SLA/Required by time of the order set by Marketplace.

When the Express Picking CPT is defined for a marketplace the orders that falls under the same day SLA would be released for Picking.

Express Picking Priority

Few orders would be pushed from marketplace with Priority flag as true, the orders has to be processed quikly. 


Picking of Express items

Picker has to turn on the toggle of Express Picking in the Piece Pick Item screen for picking the Express items. 


Default Picking

Default picking is auto selected by default. The Release Preference can be set as

  • Channel Priority

  • By SLA


  • Channel priority

When this option is selected, picking would be done as per priority given to the Channel. The items belonging to the Channel with highest priority would be picked first. 1 is the lowest priority and 10 is the highest.

  • By SLA

When this option is selected, picking would be done based on the required_by time (SLA) of each order, regardless of the Channel they belong to. The oldest SLA order will be release first.



Handling Picklist Configuration Dynamically

It is always suggestible to handle picklist configuration dynamically as per the order volume and ops capacity.

Let’s consider the following scenarios for better understanding

Marketplaces live: X(1:00 PM CPT), Y and Z(2 PM CPT)

Orders to be picked for same days SLA

As X has the earlier CPT, Configure X under Express Picking CPT definition with the wave size>=X SLA orders

Post all the picklists are released for X for the same day SLA under Express Picking. 

Release the Picklist for Y and Z set the wave size >= Y + Z SLA orders

The same process can be followed for the marketplaces which are having higher SLAs in the same day.

Priority orders to be Picked

X creates few orders with Priority flag as true, the picklist has to be released under Express picking with Prioity definition. 

All the same day SLA orders are picked/ Defining picklist for future SLA orders

  • Express picking can be used to pick the same day SLA orders when CPT is defined. Post all the orders are picked for the same day. Future SLA orders can be released from Default Picking.


  • For a marketplace X the next day SLA orders are N which has to be picked.Set the priority of X to 10 and rest all other marketplaces with lower priority and set wave size as >N and Release Preference as By SLA. The picklists would be released with earlier SLA first.


  • Post all the orders are released for X, if marketplace Y,Z has to be released with SLA orders are O,P respectively. Set the priority as 10 for Y,Z and set the wave size >= O+P. and Release Preference as By SLA.

Note: Picker can sort the picklists by release time, pickers are to be instructed to pick the older picklist first. Supervisor has to dynamically configure the picklists basis on the use case. 

Issues and Debugging steps

Issue: If picklist is released mistakenly by a warehouse operator and client wants to get the actor name.

Steps of Action:

  1. Ask for the wms warehouse name, Picklist release timestamp and channel details for which picklist was released.

  2. Use below mentioned webget query to get the actor name which has set the Wave size in Picklist Configuration screen or changed the Channel Priority.

  3. Query: select * from wms_audit_pojo where object_id='{oms_warehouse_code}' and action like ‘%channel priority%' and timestamp between ‘timestamp1’ and 'timestamp2’. 

  4. select * from wms_audit_pojo where object_id='{oms_warehouse_code}' and action like ‘%wave size%' and timestamp between ‘timestamp1’ and 'timestamp2’.

Note: timestamp1 and timestamp2 is the timestamps in between which picklist was released.

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