Is MRP field captured in any Report?

MRP is captured in Storage: SKU Master – OMS Report

Why Discount data is not captured in any of the Reports?

Discount % and Discount Amount are not shared by most of the Marketplaces. Hence this data is not captured in Assure and is not part of any Report.

Is there Rounding Off of any value in Assure Reports currently?

Selling Price is rounded off to 2 decimal places in reports for B2C forward orders.

Is Marketplace Forward Invoice Number captured in any report? This is important from Returns perspective.

Marketplace Forward Invoice Number is captured under field Sales Invoice No in Report Outwards : B2C Outward SKU Wise Report – OMS

However, not all marketplaces share this data. 

Example – Myntra PPMP does not send Forward Invoice Number as data to us.