NAS setup FAQs

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to NAS setup:

Why do warehouses need NAS?

Warehouse internet generally don't have the bandwidth to upload recorded videos to the cloud. Hence it's important to save videos on the same network instead of the cloud. 

Will warehouses use their existing NVE and camera or need to install a separate setup?

No, we don't have any integration with any NVR device.

What will be the bandwidth consumption for uploading the data?

Only local bandwidth will be required and not internet bandwidth. Actual bandwidth depends on the number of packing/return processing stations where cameras are there, the quality of video getting captured, and the duration of videos.  

What kind of NVR access warehouses are required?

We don't support NVR .

How client data is secure and what kind of security layer is being used to control the data security.

We are only sending the video footage to NAS on the local IP. As long as NAS devices' IPs are secured everything is secure.

Average Total Size of Videos Stored Per Day:

The total size of videos stored per day depends on the number of orders processed. We record videos at a bitrate of 20 MB per minute in WebM format. After recording, these videos are converted to MP4 format, which increases their size by approximately 4 to 5 times, resulting in a file size of 80-100 MB per minute. This size increase is due to the MP4 format's encoding, which prioritizes the quality of data and therefore requires more storage space.

Average Size of a Single Video Stored Per Day:

The size of a single video can be estimated based on the information that a 1-minute video in MP4 format is about 100 MB. Given that the average time to process one return order is usually 5 to 8 minutes, the average size of a single video for one return order is approximately 700 MB.

Average Number of Videos Stored Per Day:

The number of videos stored per day is mostly directly proportional to the number of orders processed. Typically, each order generates one forward order video and one return order video. However, in some cases, such as when orders are processed in parts or at different times, there may be more than one video for the same order.

Average Number of Videos Backed Up to S3 Per Day:

We do not upload videos to the cloud due to the high costs of storage and the limitations of our internet bandwidth. Instead, we use Network Attached Storage (NAS) for local network-based storage. The concept of NAS was created specifically for this use case to provide hard-disk storage over the local network, avoiding the need for costly and bandwidth-intensive cloud storage solutions.

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