Inventory Available for Sales - OMS

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Inventory Available for Sales - OMS is a system that provides detailed information about the available inventory for sales. It includes various fields such as Client ID, Client Name, Fulfilment Location ID, Fulfilment Location Name, Increff SKU ID, Client SKU ID, Virtual SKU, UOM SKU, Each Global SKU ID, Each Client SKU ID, Each Qty, SKU Description, Style, Color, Size, MRP, Brand, Category, Reservation Pool, Inventory QC Status, Total Quantity, Total GRN Quantity, Total Allocated Quantity, Total Recycle + Offline Quantity, Total Lost Quantity, Total Permanently Lost Quantity, Total Each Reserved Quantity, and Total Bulk Break Quantity. The system also provides filters such as Client, Time Zone, Fulfilment Location, QC Status, Global SKU ID, Style, EAN, Virtual SKU, and QC Status.

The Inventory Available for Sales - OMS system allows for the generation of Stock Movement Summary - OMS and Stock Movement Detail - OMS reports using specific timestamps. It also provides a method for validating inventory movement within a specified timeframe. Additionally, it offers a comparison of the total quantity of Inventory Available for Sales - OMS report to the quantity generated from any WMS report, along with the status relation of WMS items and Inventory Available For Sales Report - OMS.

Explaining few terms below:

Total Allocated Quantity: The Total Allocated Quantity refers to the products/items/quantity that are currently active for the specified SKU have been assigned to the respective orders.
Total Recycle + Offline Quantity : The Recycle + Offline quantity refers to the items which are not live due to putaway not done or bin offline etc.
Total Rejected Quantity : The Total Rejected Quantity refers to the total quantity of items that have been rejected. This includes items that have failed quality control (QC) checks and have been deemed unsuitable for sale or use. The rejected items are typically separated from the rest of the inventory and may undergo further inspection or be disposed of according to company policies.

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