List of critical activities to maintain healthy performance in Marketplaces

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Below are some critical activities that should be monitored regularly by clients. These activities will help clients to maintain healthy scores on Marketplaces and avoid any business loss or delisting.


  • Correct Detail should be submitted while registering on the seller portal.

  • Mention the correct address details while registering for new Warehouses.

  • The correct data should be defined in each field while doing the cataloguing on Marketplace.

  • Always keep monitoring the number of orders on the Seller Portal.

  • Manual Inventory Upload on any Marketplace should not happen for any SKU.

Increff Omni


  • Article Master should be uploaded with the correct details.


  • Always share the correct credentials to configure the Marketplace in Increff WMS. If there will be any change in credentials after the configuration, it should be shared with Increff POC immediately to update the connector.

  • Immediately upload the listing in CIMS for SKU whose cataloguing is completed on Marketplace to avoid any Failed and Unfulfillable Orders.

  • Do not turn OFF the inventory sync for any location of a Marketplace without syncing 0 inventory for all SKUs for the respective Marketplace location.

  • Do not turn OFF the order sync for any location of a Marketplace until the respective location is no longer active on the Marketplace.


The following reports should be monitored on a regular basis

  • Listing: Channel Inventory Exposure Detail - CIMS - Keep Monitoring MAX_RETRIES_REACHED listings daily. If any listing is found in MAX_RETRIES_REACHED please perform the following steps

    • Check if SKUs are catalogued and active on the Marketplace.

    • Check if SKUs are mapped with the respective location on Marketplace.

    • Try to Force Enable Listings if the above conditions are fulfilled.

  • If SKUs are still reaching MAX_RETRIES_REACHED state after Force Enable Listings, please raise to Omni Support Team for further analysis

  • Outwards: Order Flow - OMS - This needs to be monitored every 2 hours to know if there any order syncing issue from Marketplace.

  • Outwards: Failed Order Report - CIMS - This report helps to find if any order moves in a fail state. Immediately upload the listing for the respective Channel SKU ID and retry the order from Failed Order Tab from CIMS

  • Outwards: B2C Order Status Dashboard By SLA Date - OMS - to keep track of orders present in which state. This will help to avoid SLA Breaches.

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