Migration of Sellers from MyntraPPMP V3 to V4 version API

Modified on Tue, 16 Aug 2022 at 02:34 PM

Migration Process for Sellers from V3 to V4

Below mentioned are the steps to be followed in order to migrate any existing Seller from V3 to V4

  • Seller has to ask their Myntra Account Manager to move them to V4 from V3 .
  • Once Myntra confirms for the Migration, Myntra Team will notify the Seller as well as Integrator with the Migration Process Steps.
  • A Downtime is required from Myntra's end required for migration activity. Steps for migration are as follows:
    • Increff will push 0 inventory for all products listings against the Myntra V3 channel to Myntra.
    • Client Warehouse team has to clear all the pending orders for Myntra V3 and confirm Increff & Myntra team.
    • Myntra will migrate the Seller from V3 to V4 version and confirm back to Increff & Seller.
    • A new MyntraV4 channel will be created in the Increff WMS system.
    • Increff will sync invenotry for 1 SKU once the Myntra team confirms the new configuration. 
    • Seller will place a test order and process it by testing all the operational flows.
    • Once testing is completed, Seller has to upload the listings in CIMS for the new channel.

Pros and Cons of Myntra V4 APIs


  •  Multi item orders can be created which will decrease logistic cost
  •  Supports Inventory v2 API which can allow you to keep absolute Inventory for SKUs
  •  New Version of all APIs which are more reobust
  •  Proof of Delivery can be captured


  •  Myntra has to move all Stores as well to take a client to V4 which is currently not supported at Myntra's end
  • Channel Order ID is an encrypted 36 character long string instead of the Order Release ID, this can be a nuance in case of the data flow to some ERP where the ERP doesn't support the character limit more than 14 character long.
  • Reconcilation of order data between the order release ID and channel order ID gets difficult.

Things to be considered post migration activity

  • Once the migration will happen, Myntra doesn't have the capability to push the returns for the V3 channel to Increff.
  • Seller has to manually upload the returns for Myntra V3 channel in Increff WMS due to above mentioned reason.
  • Warehouse Team has to segregate the returns manually for V3 and V4 as there is no identifier on the packet and process them against the respective channels.


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