Zero Inventory Sync to Channel for all listings in a Warehouse

Modified on Thu, 12 May 2022 at 01:33 PM

Please follow the below steps to send zero inventory for all listed SKUs at the warehouse level to the respective channel.

  • Log into Increff WMS and navigate to CIMS.

  • In CIMS, go to Client Channels under Settings

  • Select the respective channel for which zero inventory needs to be synced.

  • Click on the edit option for the respective Warehouse.

  • Put the maximum Buffer possible which is higher than the maximum inventory for any SKU in the warehouse. To ensure zero inventory will be synced for all listed SKUs, we can use a big number as a buffer. In the below example, we have used 99999. You should also use the same.

  • Now Increff WMS will initiate syncing inventory with a buffer of 99999 which means zero inventory for all listed SKUs.
  • As this zero Inventory sync will be for all listed SKUs in a warehouse for a channel, completion of this activity will take time depending on the volume of SKUs.

Note - Just turning off Inventory Sync does not send zero inventory of any SKU to the channel. This action only switches off the Inventory Sync job in Increff WMS resulting in no further inventory updates being sent to the channel for the respective warehouse. Inventory on the channel will remain as it was before this job was turned off in CIMS.

To know how to send zero inventory sync for specific listings, please refer to the below document.

Update Listing Status

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