Settings for Barcode Scanning and Preventing Keyboard Pop-up 

The below example is for Zebra MC 36. You will have to find a similar setting for your HHD.

  1. Set up Chrome browser in the device.
    • Using Google Play Store
    • Or install manually
      • Download Chrome APK on a laptop. 
      • Transfer this file to the device.
      • Install by clicking on APK on your device.
  2. Ensure that Chrome is an associated app for the hardware scanner by checking the Scan Config. If not, add it as an associated app.
  3. In Scan Config, check if the Action Key is set to Carriage Return.
  4. Log in to Increff Assure on Chrome browser.
  5. Press P1 on the physical keyboard and toggle to ON for a physical keyboard. This will prevent the keyboard from popping up on the screen during scan operations.
  6. Start operations.