What happens to the picked Items if they are partially cancelled?

If the following error (i.e "Order modified: Items added in pack box is greater than quantity to be fulfilled now for SKU : <GLOBAL_SKU_ID> Remove <QTY> items from box before") pops up on scanning an item, please remove the item from the order through "Remove Items from Outward Box" screen.

If this error is ignored, then while clicking 'Confirm Packing', the following error (i.e Error in closing shipment: Error in packing the order : <CHANNEL_ORDER_ID> response from channel : Shipment modification rules do not permit modification of shipment in its current status.) will be thrown. Sometimes, this error (i.e Partial Fulfillment not supported for order : <INCREFF_ORDER_ID>) can also be thrown.

  1. Select 'Order Discrepancy' tab
  2. Enter Inceff Order Id in 'Order ID' tab.
  3. Scan all the Item (Item Id) picked for the respective order in 'Item ID' tab.
  4. Once all Items have been scanned, Click 'Sync Order' button.
  5. The cancelled Items would be in 'RECYCLE' status. Please process them through 'Recycle Desk'.
  6. As for the remaining Items, please pack the order in 'Piece Packing' screen.