Order in processing status though Order got canceled on the seller panel

Though Order got cancelled on the panel, sometimes you may see Order in processing status in OMS/WMS. An order will get sync with the marketplace when an event got triggered by the system since we use a pull-based mechanism. This happens (Order sync) while packing an item or by manual sync from Order Manager screen in WMS. 

Which Marketplace supports Seller Cancellation through Assure?

When a B2C order canceled in Assure OMS by a user, the cancellation sync from Assure to Marketplace happens only for Amazon EDI currently.

For all other Marketplaces, the order needs to be canceled on their respective Seller Portal.

What is Internal channel?

Internal Channel is used to create the Inward PO or B2B Outward Order in the system.

How to make Unfulfillable Order to Fulfillable?

An Order can made Fulfillable only if sufficient inventory is there in the pool.

Do following checks to make the Order Fulfillable 

  • Check any Item kept in Recycle status. Make those items LIVE.
  • Check whether inventory is available in some other inventory pool. If yes, move inventory to required pool. After some time inventory will be allocated to the respective order.
  • Get new stock for required SKU and do GRN

Why bulk order (partially fulfillable) remains Unfulfillable in OMS, though stock is there in the Warehouse?

  • While creating the Bulk outward PO, the user might have selected fulfillment type Block Complete. If fulfillment type is Block Complete, it gets to Fulfillable status once OMS confirms total qty is there to allocate for the Order.
  • Order will be served from QC FAIL/PASS pool according to QC status that we select while creating the order. If inventory is not there in pool Order will remain Unfufillable.

To avoid such instances, make sure the fulfillment type is Parrtial and QC status is appropriate.

An Order is at Fulfillable status in OMS

ONHOLD status of an order implies that the order is received in Assure through a marketplace, inventory has been allocated against it but it is yet not ready for processing. The order would not be released for picking and packing in such a condition.

When does an order get marked as ONHOLD

  • In case of Flipkart orders, the order has a Dispatch After time. This implies that the packing can happen only after Dispatch After time. To avoid such orders to get released for picking and therefore blocking the packing area, the system put these order in ONHOLD status and are auto released for processing once we cross Dispatch After time .
  • In case of Paytm orders, the replacement orders should not be processed till the return pickup for the forward order has been done from customer's location. Once the return pickup is done,  Paytm sends a status change update asking us to start processing these orders post which the replacement orders are auto released for processing. 

In future, we may implement this functionality for more marketplaces.

Marketplace order not searchable in OMS > Order Search

Whenever a marketplace order is synced to Assure OMS, by default, the orders are searchable in 

OMS > Order Entry > Order Search 

with the Marketplace order id ( Search Field name Channel Order ID

However, there might be certain cases where the search might not return a result but the order would have got synced into OMS : 

  • For Flipkart V2 Orders ( V2 stands for Sellers who are on the older version of Flipkart APIs, typically sellers with old Flipkart seller accounts), Flipkart's Order Item Id will be treated as Channel Order id in Assure. So get the order item id against the parent order id (typically looks like OD5763245723423) from the panel and search.
  • For Flipkart V3 Orders ( V3 stands for Sellers who are on the newer version of Flipkart APIs, typically sellers with new Flipkart seller accounts),  currently the preferred way of searching any order is by going to your Reports login > Product Reports > Order Status Report . Here you can search Flipkart's parent  order ID (typically looks like OD5763245723423) under Parent order ID column in this report.
  • For Amazon Seller Flex / Brand Integration , currently the preferred way of searching any order is by going to your Reports login > Product Reports > Order Status Report . Here you can search Amazon's parent  order ID (typically looks like 404-748384-3467836) under Parent order ID column in this report.

Apart from the above, please go through the following steps if you feel a Marketplace order is not visible in Assure :

  • Sometimes, order syncing between Marketplace and Assure can have a time lag. Please wait for 15 minutes and then try searching the order again in Assure OMS or Reports.
  • Please check if you have orders under failed order report. Go to Assure Reports and login with the credentials provided during Onboarding. Go to Product Reports > Failed Order Reports . These are orders which contain Marketplace SKU for which the system does not know the Client SKU. Please upload the client SKU information by following steps mentioned in the article : Add a missing Marketplace SKU to Client SKU mapping . Once this is done, please contact Helpdesk and the orders would be retried for syncing to Assure.
  • If you have changed your Marketplace credentials, it may result in failure while try to sync orders to Assure OMS. Please make sure to get this updated by contacting Assure Support.

How could I de-allocated items from a bulk Order where pick list has already released?

There might be instances you have processed a bulk Order (which is partially fulfilled) and not required to process rest of the ordered quantity. In such cases, user could mark the order as complete to release the allocated item by following below steps

  1. Go to OMS > Search Orders.
  2. Place Order ID and click on Search.
  3. Click on Order ID > Complete.

How to allocate Inventory to a Bulk order

Allocation of inventory for a B2B order is a manual trigger. Once a B2B order is placed, the initial status of an Order will be CREATED. The user has to retry the Order as follows to allocate items for the Order,

OMS > Search Orders > Click on Checkbox > Retry

If all the items required are available, the order status will be changed into FULFILLABLE. or it would become UNFULFILLABLE.

Basic Checks for Picklist not released issues or Order not pushed

First of all, the user has to check the Order status in OMS, 'Search Orders' using channel Order Id. If the Order is not there in OMS

  • Check the Failed Order list in CIMS (CIMS > Failed Orders > Set the required filters and Channel Order Id, then search). Upload the CIMS mapping for the ChannelSKUs which are there in the Order.
  • If the Order is not there in the Failed bucket, then escalate the issue assure.support@nextscm.com.

If the Order is there in OMS with the status FULFILLABLE, then

  • Check the Start Processing Time in OMS for the Order. Certain marketplaces allow the user to process the Order only if the Order hits the Start Processing Time which is pushed by the marketplace.
  • Else the marketplace might have kept the Order ON HOLD due to their internal policies. (Raise the issue to assure.support@nextscm.com).

Delivery Note (DN) or Inward PO not found in OMS

  • If an Inward PO or DN is not present in OMS, then the user has to punch an Inward PO manually. 
  • If it is integrated with ERP system, then ask the concerned team from the Client to push the PO again.