B2B Invoicing

Cloudtail works on a B2B2C model. i.e. 

  • Customer sees inventory being sold by Cloudtail
  • Customer places order
  • Cloudtail makes an invoice for Customer
  • Cloudtail makes a back-2-back B2B purchase of these inventories from the brand

Ideally, when such a sales is done, Cloudtail must raise a back-2-back PO to brand and brand must raise a back-2-back invoice to Cloudtail automatically (either via ERP integration or emails or some other mechanism)

However Cloudtail does not provide integration capabilities for the same.

The current mechanism is that 

  • Cloudtail provides a portal to brand
  • Brands manually upload invoices to that portal

30 Second Delay in printing of Shipping Label

During packing, Assure makes two API calls to Cloudtail

  • CreateShipment - to create an AWB no.
  • GetShipment - to get the AWB no. PDF

Due to architectural restrictions on Cloudtail side, Cloudtail recommends to wait for maximum 30 seconds between invoking these calls. We've tried to find a right technical solution to this problem, but have not been able to arrive at a scalable and reliable solution with Clouttail.


  • In practice, it a delay of only 10 seconds is experienced. 
  • So, the packer must first press the Confirm Packing button
  • Wait for 10 seconds
  • Press the Print Invoice & Shipping Label button

Even with 500 orders per day, this would at max result in 500*10/3600 = 1 hour 20 minutes of manpower wasted.

In peak sales period, please put additional processing desks just for Cloudtail (for those few days of sales)