We request you to please follow the below process to report any technical issue related to WMS to Increff WMS Success team.

  • Send an email with all details of the issue to assure.support@increff.com.
    • Email subject should be relevant to the issue reported. Please add Entity name, warehouse name, marketplace name (if the issue is related to any marketplace), and issue summary (in minimum possible words).
    • Make sure all relevant details are captured in the email body to help our Success team diagnose the problem and provide the best possible solution within expected SLA timelines. Attach relevant data or an exact screenshot of the error to the email.
  • Within a few seconds of sending the email, you will receive an acknowledgment from our end with a Ticket number. Please keep this ticket number handy for all further communications related to this issue.
  • If the issue falls in P0 or P1 severity, please connect with your respective Increff WMS Success POC (Point of Contact) and share the ticket number you have received by following the above step.
  • Please follow the escalation matrix shared with you, in case of any concerns related to response to your issue.

For further information on issue priorities and Increff WMS SLA Metrics, please click here.