B2B are those which come from

  1. Stores
  2. SoR inventory

The challenge here is it is not known in advance, what return can come back. So the process to be followed is

  1. Accept returns directly in ERP (using Open Returns process or equivalent). Most ERPs support this functionality
  2. Refurbish the inventory if required, using your ERP processes
  3. Stock Transfer saleable inventory from ERP to Assure
  4. Note: In case of very large returns,
    1. You can get a list of Item IDS from the Assure system. 
    2. Paste these item IDS to refurbished / saleable inventory during the refurbishment process itself
    3. During GRN in Assure, use the Pre-Printed Item ID GRN feature
    4. This way, you will not need to print Item-ID for every return inventory during GRN in the Assure System