• Login to Assure and click on CIMS.


  • In CIMS, click on “Search Channel Listings” under Listing



  • Click on Manage Listings


  • Download the template and populate SKUs with channel specific listing ids in the csv file.

Please note that listings of only one channel can be uploaded at a time. So, each channel will need a separate csv file.



  • Select radio button New Listing, select Client channel pair for which upload is required, choose respective csv file and click on Upload.

           Note – System does not allow to upload more than 5000 rows in csv at a time.




  1. All client SKUs in the csv should be present in Assure system as part of Article Master
  2. There should be no duplicates in the csv file
  3. If one SKU is already mapped to a channel in Assure with a channel product ID, then, same channel Product ID should not be uploaded again for the same channel
  4. Below is the details of what value to populate in csv for each channel.