• Go to OMS -> Search Orders and Search for UNFULFILLABLE orders for required channel.

  • Click on the Order Id and under Order Line Items, copy the Global SKU Id.

  • Search for that Global SKU Id in Outwards : Order Exposure History – CIMS in Jasper Reports. 


Report Description

This Report lists all inventory sync and orders placed for respective global SKU in last 7 days.

Report is sorted in descending order of date time



Report Analysis

  • Check the recycle count of the SKU in respective Warehouse Id. If it is greater than 0, Please ask the Operations Team to do the PUTAWAY and process the order. Recycle count quantity is real time and is visible only against Order Row. For Inventory sync row this value is always zero.
  • Check the status of previous pending order of respective location on Seller Panel. If they are in CANCELLED status, Search for the respective orders in WMS using Increff Order Id. The status will be synced, and inventory will be released and moved to recycle bin. Please ask the Operations Team to do PUTAWAY and process the order.
  • If both the above-mentioned points do not solve the issue, please check when the system has pushed 0 inventory to the Channel which results in two cases.
    • If the 0 inventory is pushed before the Channel Order date and time, then raise the issue to the channel with details like Channel Order Id, 0 Inventory Pushed Time and Channel Order date and time.

If none of the above methods provide a solution, please raise a ticket to assure.support@nextscm.com.