• Once an order is placed in a Marketplace, it flows into CIMS in Assure. CIMS directs the order to OMS if and only if listing is present for all SKU(s) in that order.
  • If listing is not present for even any one of the SKU(s), the order moves to FAIL status. This can be viewed under the 'Failed Orders' tab in CIMS.
  • Once listings are uploaded for the missing SKU(s), Order can be retried by clicking the 'Retry Order' button in 'Failed Orders' tab in CIMS. Upon successful completion, Order moves from CIMS to OMS.

  • When an order enters OMS, it is initially in CREATED status. Once inventory is allocated to it, it moves to FULFILLABLE status. If no inventory is available, it moves to UNFULFILLABLE status.
  • UNFULFILLABLE orders are raised to the channel to get them deleted as it cannot be fulfilled due to lack of inventory.
  • UNFULFILLABLE orders can also become FULFILLABLE if particular SKU(s) are GRNed and made LIVE.

  • The orders flow from Market places with Order Date & Time, Start Processing Time and Required By Time.
    1. Order Date and Time is the time when the order is placed in the Marketplace
    2. Start Processing Time is the time from which the order can be processed.
    3. Required By Time is the SLA of the order
    4. All of these are provided by channel.
  • Once the Start Processing Time is crossed, the order moves from OMS to WMS with status as FULFILLABLE.
  • Based on configurations set in 'Piece Pick Priority' Screen, picklists will be released.
  • Once the picklist is released, the order moves to PROCESSING status in OMS and PICKING status in WMS.

  • Once the order is picked, packed and invoiced, it moves to PACKED status in WMS (i.e. PROCESSING status in OMS).
  • If the item allocated to the order was not found (or) was marked QC FAIL at the point of picking, the order moves to UNFULFILLABLE status in both WMS and OMS. This order will be given more priority if new items for that SKU are GRNed.

  • Once manifested, order will move to READY_TO_DISPATCH status in WMS (i.e. PROCESSING status in OMS) .
  • Once handover is completed, it moves to COMPLETED status in both WMS and OMS.
  • If an order is cancelled at any stage before manifesting, it cannot be processed further and order will move to CANCELLED status in both OMS and WMS.
  • If an order is cancelled after manifesting, it has to be treated as a RTO Return Order and return processing should be done for that order.
  • Regardless of what time the transporter arrives, Orders should be manifested before Required By time (SLA).
  • The Start Processing Time and Required By Time differs for individual channels. 

For example,


Channel : FLIPKARTV3

Order Date & Time : Assume "Mon, 08 Jun 2020 02:04 PM"

Start Processing Time : 5 mins after the Order Date & Time i.e. "Mon, 08 Jun 2020 02:09 PM"

Required By Time : Min. it can be the next day of Order Date & Time at 12pm. "Mon, 09 Jun 2020 12:00 PM" Max. It is upto Channel.

Cut-Off time for Orders : 2 hours before (i.e. 10am)