Printer Setup


These are instructions for setting up Argox-CP2140 barcode printer.

Similar steps will be required for any other barcode printer like TSC-P200 or Zebra-GTX800


Install Device Driver


Setup Barcode Label Size


Printer Setup Drivers



Barcode Sticker Printing


Once the data is returned in API response the sticker is created in HTML DOM and then it is converted to raw image data then it is sent to INCREFF Print App



Instructions to install INCREFF Print App

  1. Start apache-tomcat-8.5.20\bin\startup.bat
  2. Visit https://localhost:8443/print/
  3. You should see a welcome page


Note: You will have to run this file every time windows starts or you close this program.



Links for downloading


For Windows 64-Bit Architecture - 8005 for 64-Bit

For Windows 32-Bit Architecture - 8005 for 32-Bit

 If print app (JAVA app) fails to start due to error "default port 8005" already in use by another application" then download from below links (to change port to 8015)


For Windows 64-Bit Architecture - 8015 for 64-Bit

For Windows 32-Bit Architecture - 8015 for 32-Bit


Once you have downloaded the appropriate printer application software for your system:

  1. Unzip the downloaded software.
  2. Please go through the README document contained inside the unzipped folder. 



Prerequisite Condition

  1. The Barcode Printer driver should be installed, and sticker size should be saved at the OS level.
  2. Java Tomcat should have run access on every system.
  3. Internet access should be allowed for Java Tomcat on both Public and private network.
  4. catalina log will show error reason if Tomcat is not working.


Apache-tomcat -> logs folder -> Catalina.log

To Test if Printer Setup is done

        Start apache-tomcat-8.5.20\bin\startup.bat

        Visit https://localhost:8443/print/

        User should see a welcome page where the user can give a Test Print.

How to start the Print Application automatically?

        The Startup folder in Windows contains a list of shortcuts of those applications that start when your Windows start.


        The Current Users Startup folder in Windows 10 is located at:

        C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


        These programs start up for the current logged in user only. To directly access this folder, open Run, type shell:startup and hit Enter.



        Add shortcut of the startup.bat in this folder. Now, when the system is shut down and turned on again, the print application         will start automatically.