Settings for Barcode Scanning and Preventing Keyboard Pop-up 

Below example is for Zebra MC 36. You will have to find similar setting for your HHD.

  • Set up Chrome browser in the device.
    • Using Google Play Store
    • Or install manually
      • Download Chrome APK on a laptop. 
      • Transfer this file to the device.
      • Install by clicking on APK on your device.
  • Ensure that Chrome is an associated app for the hardware scanner by checking the Scan Config. If not, add it as an associated app.
  • In Scan Config, check if the Action Key is set to Carriage Return.
  • Log in to Increff Assure on Chrome browser.
  • Press P1 on the physical keyboard and toggle to ON for physical keyboard. This will prevent keyboard from popping up on the screen during scan operations.
  • Start operations.