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Clickpost Dimensions

Case 1: When the Pack type for any SRDP channel order is B2C, then we send the OMS Item Masters dimensions to Click post APIs. These dimensions are created by the client in the MM unit.

Case 2: When the Pack type for any SRDP channel order is B2B, then we send the actual captured Pack Box Dimensions which are done by the Warehouse team in the WMS module.

Clickpost packing Error Caused by Special Characters in Item Name

Clickpost does not allow special characters like &, @, #, etc. to be present in the Item Description field and hence throws an error.  

Whenever we face error an error closing shipment due to special characters in the item name/description, the following process is followed:

  1. Get the channel Order ID of this order

  2. Get the Item Codes of the order line items

  3. Using the Item Code, search for the item in SKU Master Report from Jasper/Omni Report.

  4. Check the description/item name of this item code and see if there are any special characters present.

  5. Download the Edit Template from Product Master on OMS

  6. Update the corrected name in the downloaded template and upload it again. This should rectify the special character.

  7. Attempt packing the order.


Order Creation

  • For Shopify orders, make sure not to have the drop pin codes of the orders the same as the fulfillment location from where they are being dispatched.
  • This is because when the pickup addresses are selected from the list of pin codes provided by Shiprocket, the first appearing Pincode on the list gets selected.
  • Also, note that a single Pincode cannot have more than one fulfillment location address mapped to it.

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