Steps for fast inventory migration to Increff WMS

Modified on Mon, 14 Nov 2022 at 03:49 PM

Problem Statement

The client wants to move to the warehouse of Increff WMS from an earlier Increff WMS warehouse in minimum time for the warehouse which contains a huge inventory.



  • Barcode all items in the OLD warehouse system without SKU mapping. 
  • Use Transition to Assure WMS to print Item Ids.
  • In Transition to Assure WMS Screen operators provide the quantity to print the stickers without association with SKU. 400 stickers can be printed in one batch. The operator can print as many batches as he/she requires.
  • Start pasting the Barcodes on all the inventories without considering SKUs at this point. 
  • We would recommend checking your sticker roll size and only printing those many Item IDs at once. Also, multiple printing stations can also be used parallelly. 
  • This activity can happen parallelly to current ongoing warehouse operations. 

Inward PO

  • Create a Supplier and Supplier location in the system.
  • Create an Open Purchase Order from the Inward Order Screen for created Supplier.
  • Order line items (SKUs) are created for each item inwarded during GRN of an Open Purchase Order. 
  • The Order line items cannot exceed 5000 in the Open Purchase order. Please refer to the Open Purchase and Open Return orders for more details. 
  • This activity can happen parallelly to current ongoing warehouse operations.

    Alternatively instead of following Transition to WMS screen for Item ID printing, you can refer to Increff WMS Item Stickering Options and use Download Item CSV screen to download the Item IDs for the particular Inward Order ID which will help you to do the Inward faster for all items in an order.

Inward Gate Entry

  • Create an Inward Gate Entry against the created Open PO and print one static Inward Box ID. 
  • The Inward Box ID is required to identify the PO being used while doing the GRN. 
  • This activity can happen parallelly to current ongoing warehouse operations.

Bin Stickering

  • Print Bin IDs for all Bins in the warehouse and paste them into physical bins.
  • Bins stickering is a separate activity from GRN. It can be done parallel to current warehouse operations. GRN screen can be used here to print Bin IDs. 
  • This activity can happen parallelly to current ongoing warehouse operations.

GRN of Items

  • Use Transition to Assure WMS to GRN items.
  • Scan the Inward Box ID to start GRN.  
  • Scan the ClientSKUID and Items IDs pasted on pieces and map them with printed Bin IDs.
  • Once all items in a Bin are scanned, scan the Bin ID and Location ID through Putaway  Screen. This makes all items live present in the respective Bin.

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