• Keep a close monitor for today's ticket (preferably a separate tab for today's ticket)
  • Go through the ticket and assign Product type, Client, Priority.
  • POC can decide the priority of the ticket by analysing the impact of the issue or error. You refer to the following document, http://support.increff.com/a/solutions/articles/36000213651 for assigning the priority level of each ticket.
  • Whenever a new ticket gets created, give a first response within the time bracket which are mentioned in the SLA metrics document according to the priority which is getting assigned for the ticket.


PriorityRCAFRT (in hours)
P0System inaccessible due to networking, operating system, cloud related issues1
P1Minor Bug which takes less than 1 day to fix2
P1Major Bug which takes more than 1 day to fix2
P1Software scalability issues2
P1Data inconsistency issues (if any)2
P2Minor usability fixes or feature requests which take less than 2 weeks to implement24
P3Major usability fixes or feature requests which take 2 weeks to 2 months to implement24

PriorityPriority in FreshDeskFirst Response Time
(in Hrs)
(Mutually agreed timeline)

  • First Response Time will be monitored for those tickets that are created within business hours. A ticket that gets created after business hours has to be taken considering the criticality of the issue or on the next working day.
  • By EOD, respective POCs can check their First Response SLA percentage for their respective Clients by using the following option. Report > Helpdesk In-Depth > Apply the time filter > First Response SLA > Set 'First response SLA % by' as 'Client' > View all violated tickets > Export as CSV.