• Login to OMS.

  • Navigate to Missing Images module under Settings section.

  • Select the Client and Download the CSV file. The file will have only those SKUs which do not have Image urls.

  • Please do not delete any pre-populated data from any column in this file.
  • Please populate Image URLs in column k for all SKUs in downloaded CSV file.

Guidelines for hosting images

  • Url should be absolute -  in case of Dropbox the link would end with .jpg?raw=1 and on clicking the link the image would open.
  • In case of Google drive, the link should contain the keyword uc?export=view& and on clicking the link the image would open.
  • There should be no download or print options available on site. It should just have an image with a black background. 
  • The link should be open URL without any authentication needed.
  • The URL domain should be whitelisted in the warehouse firewall as Assure will call this to fetch the images.

Image URL Samples









Google Drive


  • Navigate to Products module under Masters section.

  • Select Update Product Master option.
  • Select Client and file which needs to be uploaded.
  • Click Submit to upload the file.