• In OMS, navigate to Reservations option under Inventory section.





  • Select the Client and Warehouse
  • Select ‘ALLOCATION’ if inventory needs to be moved from Common Pool to Reserved Pool
  • Select ‘DEALLOCATION’ if inventory needs to be moved from Reserved Pool to Common Pool
  • Select the QC Status



  • Download the template and populate the clientSkuId (EAN Code) and quantity columns.




  • Details about CSV template:
    1. There should be no duplication of any SKU in the file
    2. Both fields are mandatory.
    3. Quantity for any SKU should not be zero or blank
    4. Upload limit is 5,000 rows per file.


Note – Row 2 in below screenshot is just the description of each field. 


  • Choose the file in CSV Upload.
  • Click Upload.
  • Success Message would pop up if the upload is successful and Inventory will be moved across the selected digital pools.