Error : "Duplicate TrackingIds for Return-OrderId : 6673825826 " on CIMS Return order upload screen

The same return order is mapped against the multiple TrackingIds. Please check for this issue in the return upload file.

This happens mostly when the Forward order id is populated against the return order id column. 

Error : "Error in Row Number : 73 , Listing already exists for globalSkuId: 100015588, channelId : PAYTM, channelSkuId : 218086174 " while doing listing upload

  • Check for the channel SKU id in the system. This might be present already.  
  • If it is not present in the system already, then the channel SKU id is present more than once in the uploading file. 
  • Please remove the duplicate and try uploading.

Error : "Duplicate Channel Orders for Return-OrderId : <return order id>" while uploading RTO file in CIMS

The same return order is mapped against the multiple Channel orders. This happens mostly when the wrong columns are populated against Channel order Id or Return Order id.  Please check for this issue in the return upload file.

Error : "Master data missing at mdm for : 53497534543, 9345739539" while doing listing upload

This error maybe encountered when you are trying to upload CIMS Listing file for a Client-Channel Pair ( Mapping of Marketplace SKU to Client SKU ) , this error signifies that the product master data does not exist in the system for the the Client SKU you are trying to upload. 

You can find the template for product master data in the Assure Onboarding Manual under SKU Master Data. Please upload it in, Assure > OMS > Products .  Please find the Client id to be put in this template by going to Assure > OMS > Clients.

Error : "Channel Serial No./Channel SKU id not found in the system for Client SKU 890534583458"

This error can be encountered when we do not have the knowledge of the Marketplace SKU against your Client SKU ( generally EAN ). Add the details under CIMS > Manage Listing > Select the Client and Channel > Upload Listing for the corresponding Client SKU ID against the Marketplace SKU Id  according to the template. 

You can also find the templates specific to a marketplace in the Assure Onboarding Manual under E-commerce Channels.

Also, Client SKU can be looked up in the Reports > Product Reports > Products Report.

Note : Upload may fail if the Client SKU is missing in the Client's Product Master, please read this : Missing Master Data error

Error : "Internal Error" while uploading Return File through CIMS > Return Upload

You may encounter this error while uploading Return Data file against a Client-Channel Pair using CIMS > Return Order Upload .This signifies that an unexpected error has occurred in the system. Possible causes are : 

The file contains Channel Return Order ID against which return is already present in Assure. The system does not allow duplicate entries for Channel Return IDs to get uploaded. To verify which are the entries already present in the system, use Reports > Return Orders and export the output.

Error : "Channel Skus already in system IITRSR32394964, NRIITRSR32394967, NRIITRSR32394980, NRIITRSR32394981, NRIITRSR32394982" on Listing Upload Screen.

This happens because some of the channel SKUs are already uploaded in the system. Please download the report CIMS | Listings. By using this report, Please remove the channel SKUs which are already in the system from the uploading list. Please try uploading again with the list.