How to change the fulfillment type so that partial orders can be processed ?

Basically we have two types of fulfillment, block complete and partial. If the fulfillment type is partial, though the sufficient inventory is not there to fulfill system allows to process the order partially. In the case of block complete system restricts the user to process the order until the system allocates as much items that got ordered.

Fulfillment type can be changed as follows, Go to CIMS > Client Channel > Then click on the channel for which change need to be made > Change the fulfillment type to PARTIAL.

What should be done to process failed orders?

These are orders which contain Marketplace SKU for which the system does not know the Client SKU. Please upload the client SKU information by following steps mentioned in the article : Add a missing Marketplace SKU to Client SKU mapping . Once this is done, please contact helpdesk and the orders would be retried for syncing to Assure.

Delisting Client SKU(s) for Marketplace <Marketplace Name>

Currently once a client SKU is mapped to a marketplace SKU in Assure, we cannot remove the listing. However, inventory sync can be disabled for the Marketplace SKUs as needed. 

There is no existing functionality in Assure using which the user can do this themselves, but you can create a support ticket listing the Marketplace Name and the Marketplace SKU(s) that you want to disable inventory sync for.

Note : This will only disable further inventory sync for those SKUs but will not push 0 inventory update. You will have to login to your Marketplace Seller Panel and update the inventory to this to 0.

Basic checks for "Zero Inventory" or "Inventory mismatch" issues  

1. SKU should be listed in Product Master.

            Jasper Report: Internal Reports > Storage : SKU Master - OMS

2. Inventory sync should be in "ON" status.

3. Make sure that SKUs are listed in CIMS as well as on the Channel. Listing should be ENABLED at both ends.

4. Check if inventory is available for Sales.

            Jasper Report: Standard Reports > Storage : Inventory Available for Sales - OMS)

5. Quantity should not be updated directly from Seller Portal. If a channel needs some quantity to be updated - please update minimum quantity (preferably ONE).

Please refer to Jasper report: Internal Reports > Listing : Snapshot - CIMS , to get complete list of SKUs mapped between CIMS and Channel.