Why Order is in UNFULFILLABLE status in WMS?

Allocated qty might be last item and it might have got marked as LOST. Since there is no more item to allocate for the Order, WMS marks the Order as UNFULFILLABLE. 

Do following checks to make the Order fulfillable. 

  • Check any Item kept in RECYCLE status. Make those items LIVE.
  • Check whether inventory is available in some other inventory pool. If yes, move inventory to required pool. After sometime Order will be allocated.
  • Get new stock for required SKU and do GRN.

Why the items are in ACK status and not moving to picking status?

There is a concept of Piece picking priority in Assure WMS, Suppose it is set to release 200 line items ( Wave size ) in 15  minutes ( Wave frequency ) and you have a pick pending of 215 orders. Once the number of order fall below 200, within a maximum of 15 minutes a wave be released with the difference. 

Till then the items will be acknowledged state and will not move to picking.

Channel is not showing in drop-down in Pigeon Hole - Picking screen

Please go to, Picking > Piece Picking Priority in WMS > click on '+' symbol and add the required channel. 

Note : For Flipkart, You need to select "FLIPKART" or "FLIPKARTV3" depending on the seller API version you are using.

Why only one line item present in 'return processing screen' while processing combo order items having same SKU ids?

Single row is uploaded for combo orders while uploading return file. Rows need to be duplicated and added corresponding to the number of quantities.

Why the same GRN numbers appears for different dates in inward report?

We are not repeating the GRN number.  Each GRN number corresponding to each gate entry. If you are using the same gate entry again for inwarding, then the same GRN appears.

WMS > Returns - Search Return Orders 

Using return_shipment_id, Paste return_shipment_id in Channel Return ID and Search > Click on ‘Update Awb  Packet’ > Enter AWB and Transporter.