Error : “Internal error” while uploading file in Inward/Outward PO screen

This happens when the system gets some inputs which are not expected. Specifically while uploading a PO, there are certain constraints to be followed. Though error message is not conveying the issue, do the following checks and go forward with the process.

While uploading file, user has to do certain checks 

  • File shouldn’t have any SKUs which are not a part of master data.

  • Our system won’t allow any duplicate entries for same SKU for a Channel Order ID. So make sure the file contains unique entries. Also once an order is punched into the system for a Channel Order ID, you can upload another file against the same Channel Order ID.

  • Restriction in file upload: Only 5000 rows can be processed per upload.

  • In the file rows, there should not be space between comma and the next row item. And also there should not be any space at the end of the file.

  • Avoid comma & quote in Price. For eg. Rs.1050 should be represented as 1050.00 instead of "1,050.00".

  • Quantity should not be 0 for any row.

  • Open the upload file in notepad and check whether any row has quantity in decimal. For eg. If the quantity is 6.00 instead of 6, then error will be thrown.

Error : 'Bad client SKU' while uploading inward/outward PO

Both Inward and Outward can be done only for those SKUs which are present in product master. The error shows that, some SKUs which are there in the file doesn't belongs to the product master. 

Please do following checks before uploading file upload.

  • Extract the product master from Jasper report
  • Confirm that all SKUs present in product master which are there in the file. If not update those SKUs in product master.

Error : "Order exists for channelId INTERNAL and channelOrderId" while uploading inward PO.

Channel Order Id should be ideally unique. Hence while uploading a PO system will check the Order Id already exists or not. This error shows the same that the user tries to upload an Order which already exists in the system. So the user either change the channel order id and make it unique else check whether someone else has already uploaded the PO or not.

Error : "Order cannot be cancelled as some of the line items are already packed" while trying to cancel the Order on Search Order screen.

As of now, System got designed in such a way that, once an Order got PACKED and INVOICED system won't allow the user to cancel the Order. If you user still want to make the invoiced inventory LIVE, they only have an option to re-GRN the item.

Error : "Cannot mark order complete as it is not completely fulfilled and channel does not support partial cancellation" while trying to mark an Order COMPLETED on Search Orders screen.

Most of the channels won't allow partial cancellation(For B2C Orders). A B2C Order can only marked as COMPLETED once all items got packed and invoiced. Else if none of the picked items are PACKED and INVOICED, user could mark the Order as CANCELLED instead of marking it as COMPLETE.

Error : "Bad Client Channel Combination " while doing inward/outward PO upload

While on-boarding the client there are settings to be done. Assure has an entity INTERNAL channel which uses for internal operation has to be created while client on-boarding. This error shows that the INTERNAL channel is not created.

INTERNAL channel can be created as follows, Please go to OMS > Global Masters > Channels > Click on Add New Channel and create a channel with name INTERNAL with all attributes. Once INTERNAL channel is created, it has to map with respective clients. Client-channel mapping can be done as follows, Click on grid button on right top of the assure screen > Select Settings > Click on add button > Select required client and channel > Submit.

Error : “Internal error” while uploading Product Master data

This error occurs whenever the file uploaded in the Product Master has any issues. There are three types of issues that could lead to this error.

While uploading file, user has to do certain checks 

  • If the uploaded file has any duplicate entries for the same SKU
  • If the uploaded file has any SKU that is already present in the System
  • If the uploaded file has any empty rows at the end. This can be checked by opening the file in notepad and checking where the cursor goes if Ctrl+End is clicked.
  • If the tax category is Gst, Mention it in Capital letters like GST

If the errors still occurs, Please contact Assure Support Team.