System Requirements

WiFi, Laptops, Handhelds

  1. WiFi with minimum 2 MBPS speed and 80 GB data

  2. Laptops: Windows 7 or above, with chrome Browser

  3. HHT: Zebra MC 36 or any Smartphone with a bluetooth scanner


  1. Barcode printers: TSC P200

  2. Barcode labels: 2 inch X 1 inch

  3. Scanner: Zebra LS2208

Printing Application

Depending on your System and operating system under use, one of the following printer application software needs to be downloaded : 

  1. Windows 64 bit OS

  1. Windows 32 Bit OS

Once you have downloaded the appropriate printer application software for your system : 

  1. Unzip the downloaded software.

  1. Please go through the README  document contained inside the unzipped folder.