• Create an account on the Help Desk or Sign In using Google using your official email only e.g.
  • Read articles on this Help Desk to find questions to your answers. Chances are that the problem you are submitting is already solved in one of the articles
  • Describe your problem in detail. Often pictures are useful
  • In case you wish to add / edit data, then provide clean, qood quality data


  • Use a generic email to submit tickets (e.g.,


You can submit tickets via email or via this support portal.

If submitting a ticket via email,  you must  send to the right email.

If submitting a ticket via support portal, you must choose the right Group in the ticket

Type        Example Issues
EmailTicket Group
Assure Support        System issues
Creating new users
Changing data    ASSURE
WAAS SupportNeed a process change
Need reports
System training
Customer onboarding
Adding new data        WAAS
Vendor Support (Submitting InvoicesSubmitting Invoice        Vendor